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- Hello everyone. For the past 2 and a half years we’ve had more than 300 volunteers. We are always smiling and bring the family feeling to you guys. - After volunteering in our place you guys will gain teaching English skill, understanding vietnamese culture from locals, not tours. - Vietnamese students to help you move around, shop, and learn about Vietnamese customs and culture - After the course, depend on your completion, we would provide you a certificate and a letter of recommendation (with our stamp) - You can learn how to cook vietnamese food -Observe the everyday life of the locals through what we do, eat, and wear. -Hang out, share culture and explore Vietnam!

- Our Team has been working with volunteers for a long time now and we love to share our experiences. When you join our program you can be sure to enjoy some amazing vietnamese home - cook, nice area, good friends, and extremely deeply understand Vietnamese culture - We are a generation of students in Vietnam, who receive a theoretical education system, without any practice. We have been studying English for more than 12 years in school but we can't speak to, or even understand foreigners. In these classes our aim is to help students to overcome their fear of learning English. By doing so, they will achieve their dream of communicating with foreigners fluently, as well as attain a good job in an English speaking environment. It helps and affects to our future a lot. By talking and learning with foreigners we are now more updating our knowledge and awareness to catch up with the world, that helps the youth dare to come out of the comfort zone that our community build for us. Communicating with foreigners is itself a revolution for us. Thank you guys with for your intention to come and help Vietnam. Please if you can speaking English, go wherever in Viet Nam for volunteering, teach your language and share your stories with our people. - To be representative for a Vietnamese, Thanks volunteers all over the world come to us.


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Everybody was fantastic. The staff was helpful and cared about us having a good time. The sleeping accomodation for a couple was good and every food was there on time. The organization is great, they provided us the schedule for the whole week so we could plan ahead. Would come back for sure!

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It is not an NGO as students had to pay to attend class. There was no introduction on teaching the classes or what is expected of you/schedule and only met the owner 2 days after arrival.

over 2 years ago

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Hello Nicoletta, Thanks for your comment. But I have to said that I didn't say it a NGO whole project? It's a exchange language house? Do you misunderstood about that?
It's for volunteers who want to exchange language and other conditions when travelling.
Beside that, You didn't say that I'm raising 10 ethnic students from Sapa ( it's NGO) I offered them eating, learning, staying, training english. Money is all from city students that I charge for class. I thinks to run project well and offer you accommodation and food , Sapa students studying, city students have to pay a little money. We do it ourselves from our business not looking money from others and from you guys. I'm doing as a social entrepreneur, it's even better than the way the NGO do.
I'm the owner and we work in team, It means I was always so busy for business trip or go faraway, BUT WE ALL HAVE ASSIGN MEMBER TO WELCOME AND SHOW YOU THE RULE before you start, if Not how you can get the bed and everything alright? The guide is in the class, It's like talking not teaching, so It's flexible to talk, my staff already showed you before class 10 minutes
About you, you go with mind of enjoying, not volunteer. You are not feel comfortable with shared room. If you are looking the conditions as hotel, we have to say sorry we are not suitable. You are a bit difficult and "luxury" in lifestyle so may be next time, you shouldn't apply for volunteering. Thanks so much

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