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Because it is a opportunity to help and learn helping. Expand its skills and be part of an amusing environment, and it can be expanding to the volunteers own limit. It is up to you, and go to the sky or remain underground. We try to take the best of our people.

Volunteers are like one of us. There is also a feed back, but if you help then you are creating a Karma atmosphere, that will give you back what you bring and multiply it


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Emilio is a really nice and flexible guy and he mostly lets you decide what you want to do and at what times. The most important thing for him is that you enjoy your stay at Gran Canary, so I most certainly did!! :-) I had enough free time to explore the whole island, which is really beautiful! I worked/travelled alone, but I was always welcome to hang out at Emilio's place. Great experience, thank you Emilio!

about 1 year ago

Emilio replied

Best of best. Enjoyed. Welcome back to the hostel


It was a really good experience. Work was not hard (you are free to use your imagination), the guest house is super comfortable, and it's near to an amazing beach.

over 1 year ago

Emilio replied

I enjoyed a lot Bruna. He has wonderful ideas about design and helping. Nice to see her back here again on this sunny island. Recommended.

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