Experience an organic farm in a remote Nepalese village in Ilam.

You can experience a real Nepalese lifestyle and interact with the eastern Nepalese community.

What to see:

If you are interested in wildlife, then our farm is the perfect place for you. We are surrounded by interesting wildlife. A recent survey on our farm found nearly 100 species of colorful moths and more than 8 species of orchids, salamanders, and many other insects and creatures on our land. For those interested in birds, it is also a great location for birding, with lots of species available just from our gardens.

There are several nearby trekking sites including Sandakpur, Tappu, Todoke Waterfall, and Maipokhari Lake as well as a Red Panda Sightseeing area and also the habitat of Salamanders.

We all are the family members, you will be treated as a member of the family. We will join local cultural events, work together and spend best time altogether. Note: We are asking $5/day financial support from the volunteers to cover the costs of accommodation and food.


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The whole family were lovely, super helpful with transport instructions to get to and from the farm. Also helped me with planning walking day trips around the area and knowing which days were best to go with the weather. Food was excellent and always made sure I had enough for every meal. Some variety in jobs and lots to learn!

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