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TO EXPLORE ; My home is walking distance from Arusha main road and the city. The Themi Falls Leisure Park who's located 2h30 by foot, is a place where you can do camping and enjoying good food. The view of Mont Meru, the birds, the gardens and the swim in the waterfall is what make this local place so pretty. It will be a pleasure for me to bring you there. We are also 1hours from Mount Meru and 2hours and half from Kilimanjaro. My dad's job is to cook,hike and bring guests on the summit of both mountains and parks. It's will be possible for you to go with him and his team to have a unique experience. We are near the Central Market, Maasai Market, and local historical museums. Its will be possible for you to reach those places by foot, by motobike or I can bring you by car. Central Market is known for all is fresh and delicious fruit and you will be able to find the best gift for you or for your family in Maasai Market. Arusha National Park, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, Manyara and Tarangire game parks are easily able to be visited from my home's location. I can organise for you memorable safari trip with really good price! Camping, transport and food will be include. You can write to me for more informations. The fact that I can organise safari for you and host you as well make you a opportunity to have better and fair price. Lake Duluti is located 7km from home, is a great place to go chilling, have beer, enjoy the music and the food. There's also some local bar where you we can go with others volunteers. Maji Moto is another place where I can guide you. This natural hot spring are the perfect place to relax and swim in the clear blue water. To go see traditional Maasai village is another opportunity you can experience by staying at my place. The Maasai are an old nomad tribes which are easily recognised by their "shuka". You will discover their culture, environment and their famous dance style and songs. PROJECTS ; My house is at Ilboru, I'm living with my parents and my two younger sisters Maureen and Dorcas. When I was a child, I was going to Sotwa Wilson Primary School, and now that I grown up, I would like to help them by bringing volunteers from different countries to teach children and sharing different cultures. My aim is to make a difference in my community and sharing knowledge and love. Our mission in Arusha, Ilboru is : "To offer an affordable right quality knowledge to our precious kids, because they deserve and it's there right." To accomplish this mission we bring people from different countries and backgrounds together. We are currently placing volunteers from all around the world in three different schools in our village. You can also help me and my family in another project that we have begin since few months. We are building rooms in our backyard. We need men and women who can share their skills and abilities in roofing the structure. We are looking for people to help us in our beautiful garden. Where we will plant tomatoes, onions, carrots, eggplants, green peppers, water melons and pumpkins. For last, we have a big empty wall next to the garden and we would love to have people who are interested in painting. We are open to all your ideas. We want it colorful and full of joy. Welcome all of you! *Volunteers who are interesting in teaching will have to make a schedule with the teachers, usually volunteering is in the morning. People in the school are happy to share their experiences with you and let you teach independently. If you don't feel confident to teach by your own, you are very welcome to support the teachers during the lessons. *Building, gardening and painting will be few hours a day depending on you and the other persons working on the project. Gardening will consist in cleaning and getting water in the garden. You can also help us to finish planting. For building, we will need help to make the roofing and to clean to rooms (rocks and branches). For painting you will be welcome to make them in your free time, you can make your own schedule. Feel free to choose the project that will make your volunteering memorable.

Trusting, Open minded, Friendly During the homestay, I assure that guests can learn Swahili and culture of the local Maasai tribe. With my help, guests are also able to explore nearby mountains, local waterfalls and safaris. Also I have experience of hosting friends all around the world,I stayed with volunteers for 2 years before so I have full experience. WHEN I HOST GUESTS... I’m helpful and hands on. I can show them where to go and help them to get there.I have a very open house. My house is your house. My family is your family. HOBBIES Football, Running, Swimming, Mountain climbing, Cooking

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