F.L.Y. the Coop (I Freaking Love You - Co-Op)

CLOSED-FULL until January. We do NOT write invitations for visas! We do NOT buy plane tickets. We are not offering employment. No ofrecemos empleo. We offer room and board for travelers for approx. 2 weeks. We pay NO transportation costs. When you arrive here, we pick you up at the train station. We need skillful BUILDERS-carpenters! We have done this project since Feb 2017 with over 50 helpers. We have had lots of FUN and have done amazing projects and eat like kings and laugh all day, get tans, speak lots of languages and play like kids!!!

Vegetarian place, no alcohol We will treat you like equals, you will be treated like a king, a Brother, a dear friend, FAMILY. We do this GIFT project for you. Rex and Jane are in our 50s and are sharing all we have to spread joy and LOVE to the world.


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Costa Rica

Rex is an amazing host, he made me feel so confortable on his place, I found so much love in this place and good friends for life, thank you! I Freaking love you guys!



Una gran experiencia en Mariposa. Rex y Jane son de las mejores personas que encontré en USA. Lo que obtienes a cambio del voluntariado es muchísimo más que hospedaje y comida. Gracias Rex por recordarme lo fácil que es ser feliz, por tu constante buena energía y por feeding the sheeps 🐑 ✌️ . Jane una genia, gran equipo geminiano el nuestro! Me voy con el corazón más que contento y con ganas de volver! Abrazo fuerte a ambos!


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