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I need support in June and July 2019. I take care of my friends, even if they are volunteers. I would like you to be easy going, independent, I do not encourage volunteers to search for unpaid work. If someone finds a part time job, I will ask them to leave. There is a lot of work to do here, but basically the help I need depends day by day. It would be good if you are resourceful. I need a huge help ( 5 hrs at least). I care for the final result. It depends on you. There is lots of weeding in the garden. Lots of redecoration and cleaning.

I would like to start early like 6am, meet for breakfast early. We are a community that loves sharing our stories and cultures during the work. You're more than welcome to share yours with us! I will support students of construction and horticulture first. I try to be a good environmentalist. Everybody shares with cooking vegetarian which is not one of the skills needed. Cooking and eating is an opportunity for socializing and conversation and English practice, it is not part of the job hours. Basic foods are provided but luxuries and specialties are responsibility of volunteer. References are important. If we disagree I will ask you to leave.


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Super recomendo esse lugar!
Na casa do Chris, eu ajudei na reforma da casa e no jardim. e aprendi bastante com ele!
O horário do trabalho acontecia pela manhã, mas sempre muito flexível! O que me ajudou a conhecer a cidade! (Então, basta conversar com antecedência)
Ele oferece o necessário para as 3 refeições e uma adequada acomodação!
Considerando, a harmonia da casa: ele sempre fazíamos as refeições juntos e estávamos sempre conversando, o que me ajudou bastante no inglês.

Thank you so much, Chris!
(And of course, Nicole and Diego!) I got good memories with you guys!


Krzysztof replied

Iago's translation
Super I recommend this place!
At Chris' house, I helped with the renovation of the house and the garden. and learned a lot from him!
The work schedule was in the morning, but always very flexible! What helped me to get to know the city! (So, just talk in advance)
It offers what is needed for all 3 meals and an adequate accommodation!
Considering the harmony of the house: he always had our meals together and we were always talking, which helped me a lot in English.

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