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When you stay and work with Favela Experience your are becoming a part of our 'community within the community'. We manage 3 organizations, all with a common goal: to break stereotypes about favelas and to generate positive impact in the community. We operate a tourism agency, a coliving space and a social business incubator, all in the vibrant favela Vidigal with the benefit of close proximity to the forest, mountaintop views overlooking the city and urban beaches. The favela is a special and unique place, and in Vidigal the community is very connected bridging together many communities of artists, musicians, designers, actors, volunteers and travelers. The locals are incredibly welcoming, with inspiring life stories and perspectives on life. In fact, contrary to what some might think, researches show that over 70% of favela residents would continue to live in a favela even if they could afford to move out. Why? It is up to you to immerse yourself in the local life and find out. You will get to work with people from the community, and help them achieve their dreams and be the change makers in their community. We work with local social projects such as the percussion school for children, Capoeira school, the ecologic park, a local tourism agency and locally produced craft beer.

At Favela Experience everything begins with friendship and trust. We live, work and play together as a big family, and encourage a culture of empathy, collective consciousness and respect. We cherish all of our employees and volunteers and seek to provide opportunities for everyone in our organizations to have quality life experiences, cultural and language learning and personal growth. For those that contribute to our organization at a high level and demonstrate a willingness to learn and grow, opportunities will exist for paid positions or to join the future expansion of our social business. The entire team lives together, sharing a beautiful house in the favela with shared and private rooms, overlooking the sea and located right at the bottom of the Dois Irmaos mountains. Basically, the forest is our backyard. We get deeply involved with community since 5 years ago when we started, and we managed to establish close friendships with inspiring locals.


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United Kingdom

Good. Worth the trip. It was a good experience.

over 1 year ago


Meu Anfitrião Adam é super comunicativo, inteligente e dedicado. Não aproveitei muito por problemas pessoais. Rodrigo é uma pessoa maravilhosa, todos super empenhados em ajudar também. Recomendo para quem gostaria de ter uma experiência na Favela vista sobre outros olhos. Vão amar a Dana (mascote do hostel). Obrigada por tudo Adam e perdoe meus devaneios.

almost 2 years ago


I discovered in Vidigal favela one of the most receptive and safe places in Rio de Janeiro. All the prejudice with the favela was eliminated, living in an incredible place.

The way the Favela Experience staff welcomed me was fantastic, and calling it "family" is no exaggeration after so many wonderful moments and experiences that I attended. Realizing that I was surrounded by so many people wanting to do good things, with real social impact and making every effort, made my whole experience incredible.

There is only one big risk in this whole experience: the risk of not wanting to leave.

almost 2 years ago


The whole team at Favela Experience is just great and very easy going. I felt at home since day 1. I was supposed to stay for 1 month, but I will end up staying for 3 months (just because I already had confirmed another trip, otherwise I could stay more). Life at the favela is super easy and it actually feels safer than anywhere else in Rio. The staff's house is really comfortable and very well located. I definitely recommend this place and even if I still have 2 more months here, I already hope to come back soon.

almost 2 years ago

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