Finca Agroecologica La Flor

The farm seeks to bring consciousness about human and environmental challenges and provides educational programs to share its values with volunteers worldwide!

Finca Agroecologica La Flor is a beautiful project located in a peaceful village surrounded by nature and managed by the non-profit organization ASODECAH (Association for the Development of Human and Environmental Consciousness). Just as its name emphasizes it, the farm is trying to complement the country's environmental education and wants to strengthen the bounds between society and environment.

The main mission and goal of the farm is to grow a seed of consciousness in every kind mind and heart that is entering the place, by sharing its values and knowledge about sustainable development and organic agriculture as well as creating rewarding human experiences to connect multicultural souls.

With over 20 years of experience in organic farming, reforestation, animal care and education, the farm has welcomed groups and individuals from all around the world since the project started.

Several programs emerged from the will of sharing and expanding awareness regarding human, animal and environmental issues :
~ Volunteer at the farm : It means helping the project to improve, supporting local economy, learning a sustainable and eco-friendly way of life, having access to 13 hectares of breathtaking nature, interacting with an eclectic multicultural group of people living, working or staying at the farm just like you. It means creating good memories, meeting great people and grow through the experience.
~ Take language classes at the farm : We mainly offer Spanish classes to help foreigners integrate the local culture and being able to communicate, but we can also teach English and French for locals or foreigners who would like to open up their scope of possibilities. Tourism being a huge part of Costa Rican economy, it is a plus to be able to speak several languages as a volunteer if you want to work with locals or in places related to tourism)
~ Relax and revitalize through a yoga retreat at the farm : Come and let your body express itself in our beautiful yoga studio. It's the perfect place to purify your body, mind and spirit, to go deep within yourself, to get away from the negative waves and breathe the fresh air of Costa Rica. Our yoga instructor living onsite will be happy to share his experience about yoga with you and everyone at the farm will help you spend an unforgettable time here !
~ Enjoy the surroundings and escape time by booking a cabin at the farm : Treat yourself with a vacation on an agroecological farm, relax and enjoy the quietness of the place, taste the delicious vegetarian meals prepared with love by our favorite local cooks, take a walk in our forest, scratch the horses and goats or simply relax at the yoga studio and take a moment to appreciate the view from the balcony.

¤ We warmly invite you to check our website and Facebook page to get to know more about the farm, the activities, the programs and the people you will encounter there and hope to meet you soon ! ¤

The staff you will meet at the farm is multi cultural. Costarican people and foreigners who fell in love with the country are working hand in hand to offer you a great experience. We really enjoy to eat our meals all together, staff, volunteers and guests to create a harmonious atmosphere and get to know people from all over the world that are coming to the farm. If you are helping as a volunteer, you will always be working with someone of the staff who will guide you and make sure you are enjoying your time at the farm !

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Good experience, close to the nature and animals. The tasks are physical but interesting. It would be very good if there were more planned activities or possibilities of creating a real community experience

about 22 hours ago



We stayed two weeks at Finca la Flor and we had an amazing time.
Everyone on the Farm has welcomed us warmly and it felt like home :)
We learned a lot about eco-farming and nature, the work was hard some times but it was still fun and fulfilling! Also the food was amazing!!
A very big Thank you to Lara, Tavo and Billy for making our time at the farm an unforgettable experience!

14 days ago

United Kingdom


Finca La Flor is a very special place for reasons I can’t really put into words but will try! Everyone who lives and works at the farm is kind hearted, warm and welcoming: I felt truly at home. The food was incredible (the Donas are brilliant cooks) and the farm is beautiful. The work is hard at times but so rewarding. I loved learning about the animals from Jose who so patiently explained how to do everything (thank you :)) I will always remember my stay here. Thank you so much for sharing your home, especially Lara, Billy and Gustavo.

about 1 month ago

United States


My time on the finca was truly a one-of-a-kind experience hosted by some very special people. Lara, Tavo, Billy, & the entire crew made me feel so welcome right away. I learned so much about gardening and sustainability, and I have come to better appreciate the difficult (and rewarding) work it takes to run a farm. The work is what you make it; they are very understanding if you need a break. Everyone was also so patient with me while I practiced my Spanish skills! Thank you to everyone for sharing your space, knowledge, and love with me - I will miss you all. ¡Ojalá que volvería alguna vez!

about 2 months ago



This was my first Worldpackers and I couldn’t be happier that it was. The staff and other volunteers are some of the most kind hearted and down to earth people I’ve ever met. The work hours are respected and beyond reasonable, and I learned so much about gardening and sustainability. The dogs are the absolute sweetest and cutest ever, and taking care of the horses was one of my favourite tasks on the farm. I felt safe and supported at all times. I had the best time and will definitely be returning in the future. I highly recommend this experience for anyone who loves nature and animals!

about 2 months ago

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