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Finca del Alamo is a much loved family home that has been transformed into a yoga retreat whilst still retaining the feel of a proper home. We have a small hard working team who are kind, friendly and multi-lingual. We love having volunteers to help us as we all learn from them and hope in return we can provide a fun, interesting cultural experience. We are looking for a volunteer to come and assist us with our yoga retreats, mostly to help with the changeover days which will be very busy but also to help irrigate our many plants, clean the yoga shala, help the chefs with the catering, laying the table, clearing up and muck in with our team. A willing, friendly and outgoing attitude is is essential. Please note that it is NOT possible to be joining in with any yoga classes as these are strictly for our paying guests. You will be welcome to use the shala when it is not in use, provided you stick to our guidelines of disinfecting the shala before and after use.

Volunteers are treated exactly the same as permanent members of our team, they are valued and respected and their help and assistance is always very much appreciated. We are mindful they are volunteering and therefore we make sure that their welfare needs are met and that we do not ask too much of them. We ask for 5 hours a day of their time in return for food and lodging and time off. We give one day off a week.


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O local é simplesmente lindo, afastado de tudo, entre as montanhas, me senti muito bem no local e no meu flat. O trabalho é bom e a carga horária é ótima, sobrando tempo para aproevitar uma piscina e passear na vila. A equipe no tempo em que fiquei lá foi uma graça, as cozinheiras um amor, amei de verdade, somente existiram alguns momentos desconfortáveis com a abordagem da gerente, no meu ponto de vista não sabe como lidar muito bem com voluntarios, criando situações um pouco desagradáveis, mas de restante, uma experiência válida e proveitosa.


Catherine replied

Thank you for your review Ariane, we really enjoyed hosting you. The manager has been undergoing training on managing volunteers as he is inexperienced in this area so your feedback is really valued for this aspect.

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