Finca La Isa Hostel

We are located in one of the best views of Gran Canaria. We are a Hostel, a restaurant, a bar, an Eco-Villa, a yoga place - our tasks are diversified and never boring. All in contact with nature!

We are a colourful family, which is living and working together. Enjoying this stunning place - and improving it constantly. There are hectares to explore and relax...

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No tengo palabras para describir lo increíble qué ha sido esta experiencia. Un mes mes lleno de felicidad y amor, de sentirse en casa, en familia. Un aprendizaje diario, un crecimiento constante. Agradecida por las personas que la vida ha puesto en mi camino durante esta experiencia, cada uno de ellos me han aportado cosas diferentes y momentos únicos. Me llevo a todos en mi 💖 y ojalá poder volver a coincidir.
Respecto a la organización de las tareas, Claudio, el manager, hace un gran trabajo para tener contentos a todos, con mucha flexibilidad, no puedo decir nada malo. Ha sido increíble.

24 days ago



I have no words to describe this amazing experience. The place is amazing, a little bit out of hand but so relaxing, the people i met will stay forever in my heart talking about guests of course but even more the staff. I felt part of the family since the first moment. I'm not saying that it was all gold, because we had hard times too, but I took them as a way of growth and laughts and huggs have been always the solution for everything.
Muchas gracias chicos, gracias Finca.

about 1 month ago



Unforgetable experience, lovely people, you feel accepted and welcome, all are family I love you guys! eh

3 months ago



The experience was great! I felt welcome at the very first moment. The place and the view are really beautiful. The only negative point were the mood swings from the manager. In my last week there, he got angry really fast and had a bad mood most of the time. So in the end, i don't really have the best image of him. But you also have to know, that he has much responsibility, many things to do and is very stressed. And when he has a good mood, he's really fun. And the place itself, the team, the breathtaking view and also the cute cats there are worth all of it.

4 months ago



My experience at the Finca was really good! Like every situation in life there’s ups and downs but overall was pretty good. Claudio is doing a good job as a manager and the team of volunteers team feels like family, I was there for 2 months and would stay even more if I could. Recommend it!

4 months ago

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