Finca Las Garzas

Somos un lugar en contacto con la naturaleza y animales, puedes descubrir la gastronomía rural, practicar varias disciplinas con los caballos y estamos cerca de las mejores playas para surfear meditar o nadar.

Soy una persona que ama los animales y la naturaleza, Toda mi vida he vivido aquí y es un lugar mágico, mi equipo de trabajo son personas muy amables y trabajan siempre en compañerismo. Si te unes a nuestro equipo vas a ser parte de nuestra familia!


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My time at Finca las Garzas was a delightful glimpse into the local culture. Engaging in tasks like kitchen help, animal care, and tidying up provided me with a small but fulfilling role in daily farm life. Interacting with the warm community and immersing myself in the tranquil surroundings was a wonderful experience. The family showed us some beautiful places in the region and told us about the history of Guanacaste and the two women working in the kitchen provided us with absolutely delicious local cuisine (I’m still thinking about the Tortilla). Thank you for having me!

4 days ago



Me lo pasé muy bien. La familia es muy agradable y complaciente. Disfruté de mi estancia en la finca las garzas, puedo recomendar una estancia a cualquiera

3 months ago

Costa Rica


Fue increíble!! Aprendí de todo. Cumplí con las expectativas qué llevaba. Necesitaba tener una experiencia y hacer cosas a las que no estoy acostumbrada. Espero volver pronto.

8 months ago

United States


Words wont be able to explain the experience itself. Would recommend to anyone looking to gain another family with kind honest people in Costa Rica. Pura Vida would be explained and lived with this community. Everyone helps each other and the sense of nature is all over the place. You won’t believe the organic food and experience you will enjoy on what the Finca has to offer with love and Kindness. They have all type of things to do, with animals, other visitors and even with friends and family. Once again, PURA VIDA.

9 months ago



I had a very very good stay at Finca Las Garzas, they even welcomed me a day early and gave me a very nice private room with my own bathroom and balcony! I really liked having help with my task in the beginning and doing the task by myself in the end. I was very happy to feed the chickens, give them water, feed the pigs and take the plastic waste out of the food and then milk the goats. Other than these daily tasks I did various tasks like going to get veg waste from the shops and gather mangoes and sell milk. Or I would muck out the pigsty or I would help with the website.

9 months ago

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