Finca Rio Escondido

There are many things to learn and share at Finca Rio Escondido. If you enjoy gardening, carpentry, farm work and getting your hands dirty then this is the place for you. I also offer tree climbing workshops and off road motorcycle training.

My name is Jonathan and I'm from Canada. I am creating a selfsustainable off the grid farm with the help of locals and volunteers. Right now we are trying to reforest the rivers and mountains around my farm near Minca in the Sierrra Nevada of Santa Marta. I am also constructing cabanas, furniture, planting fruit trees and a garden. I have a beautiful waterfall around 25mins hike from my place. I also have 2 rivers that border the property. It is a beautiful place to disconnect and discover. They is very little cell phone signal. We are about a 2 hour walk from Minca. I have a motorbike and a small 4x4 jeep. I can bring you to Minca or Santa Marta for a small fee. In my spare time I enjoy tree climbing I have all the equipment... rock climbing, hiking and exploring in the region with my motorbikes. I also own a motorcycle rental business and work as a tour guide in the region. I look forward exchange skills, knowledge, and experiences with you.

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