Finca Tres Anillos

Come help out with weeding and watering, learn some permaculture basics, composting, off-grid living, and spend your free time snorkeling, diving, freediving or hanging out on the beach.

work required: 4 hours per day, 5 days per week - i work online and expect you to work with limited direction special interest in those who have knowledge: in gardening, permaculture, and can talk to plants up at 7am (latest) breakfast 7-8 - coffee/tea/water, oatmeal/eggs & toast/seasonal fruit 8am start work - 2 hours weeding/watering/planting 10am - leaf collecting/toilet/sand collecting, help with misc projects 11am - daily/weekly household tasks/dog training 12pm - lunch, rice/pasta with veggies rest of day off days off: tuesday & friday every tuesday i spend the day at the beach, you are welcome to join fridays i work at the library/bookstore/movie theater in town breakfast & lunch provided, you are own your own for dinner, kitchen is open for your use Volunteer help required consists of planting, weeding, daily farm maintenance, small construction projects. Minimum stay 3 weeks.


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This house was a great place to stay, a beautiful house tucked deep in the natural lush land of Utila. The dogs are sweet and fun to bring for walks on the trails surrounding the house and it’s a good way to explore a part of the island that you wouldn’t explore otherwise. Garden/house work is not strenuous but takes a bit of explanation to understand the proper way to get it done. Would stay here again !

over 1 year ago

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