Fitness & Martial Arts Academy

Because we are cool :-) LOL. You would learn about family life and Children of different ages.
If thinking about your next business venture and wondering if fitness or nutrition could be your thing, we would be happy to have a chat with you.

As our business is health and fitness you would learn a lot about healthy lifestyles, food and our unique training concepts...

There are Daily fitness, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, boxing and stretching classes to take part in and also nutritional advice along the way.

Worldpackers have commented that their fitness level and body composition has changed for the better during their stay, worldpackers have lost up to 7% body fat in 3 weeks!

Volunteers would have the chance to take part in many different types of fitness classes in their off time.
Most worldpackers take part in at least 1 class a day but this is your choice..

Along the way you would have the chance to meet a variety of interesting international people.

We are not a vegan family and will do our best to accommodate.

We have been hosting for over 7 years & we've met some incredible people that are now very good friends! We would love for you to truly integrate with our family! We are funny, warm and always busy!

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Downtime here is cool, you take fitness and Brazilian jujitsu classes so it’s an active lifestyle. But this position is more housekeeping than anything which was not said in the description. There is not set hours, you will be working throughout the day which will add up to more than 5 hours a day. Sean and Stacie favor volunteers, they took them out for fun days both Saturday and Sunday and left me and another girl sitting at home, didn’t even tell us. Come here if you want to be a maid, not a position for fitness! Too much work, stress, and exhaustion to not be paid.

6 days ago

stacie replied

Britney thank you very much for your comments, however I feel this is quite rich coming from you, someone who claims to be a level 3 personal trainer, however you clearly choose not to integrate with the rest of the team when we went all together to train in the gym or to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and we definitely felt a sense of "it was below you" and intact you no interest in fitness at all so maybe that's why you felt like a housekeeper.

You carried out the morning tasks that take no longer than 30 minutes at a snail pace, very slowly and with an uncaring, lazy manner.

You couldn't keep up with basic home tasks like taking a vacuum around the kitchen, or wiping down the worktops, you would fold only your own laundry and noone else's which in turn created a tremendous amount of resentment and anger from other volunteers resulting in them having to ask you many times to pull your weight.

You was explained to in the interview that this is a very busy and active volunteering project you mentioned during interview that you was excited to start volunteering with the charity program we run with children however in the first class you had to be asked by the head coach to wake up and help to take control of the children and after when downloading to me how the class went you said you thought it went quite well, but compained why there is so many children with ADHD "they were so so crazy and misbehaving" which doesn't seem to me like a person who likes to be around children or was happy to work in a program with children.

You mentioned that the position is more housekeeping, however we don't feel that housekeeping includes wiping down the worktops that you eat from or helping to clean the dishes after I have made food for everybody that evening.... and making food whilst all the volunteers was enjoying a free Brazilian jiu-jitsu class, or doing the laundry which includes your own things.. you sure have a lot to learn and a long way to grow.

Yes we do take our volunteers out Saturdays and Sundays as we feel a strong team / family atmosphere, but do refuse to take any volunteer that doesn't join the team, doesn't pull their weight, and refuses to fit in.
Brittany, yes we did take a volunteer out and left you at home, however it was only one volunteer and the rest of the family was all at home, you wasn't left alone with another girl.. we simply took this volunteer out because she helped us out the weekend before but however what would you know about teamwork!

All the volunteers that were here during your stay including the one that you said was left alone with you whilst we went out for the weekend (1 day) were all very taken back by your negative message and would all like to give you their opinion about your work and team ethics.

To finish on this note, after offering volunteering positions for the last 7 years I've never met someone so arrogant and unwilling to work in the team.
It's a shame I gave you five stars, however wanted to give you an opportunity for a future volunteering project, if I could redo my review it would be zero Stars.



You are welcomed in to a vibrant and energetic home with all the things you could need and want!

13 days ago



This family indeed is very nice and friendly, they see You as their own family member. Very welcoming and loving! They will never leave You alone and unseen. The work can improve You and You can learn much in fitness, BJJ, gym and kids camp. This experience has been not only a muscle gain but a knowledge gain as well! So it will be for some new volunteers! Definitely recommend!

about 1 month ago



Amazing. That’s how I would describe my experience at the Titan academy. They are such a lovely and caring family, who make you feel instantly welcome and a part of their family. I had so much fun working at the kids camp and also learned so much about training, nutrition, martial arts and interacting with the kids.
I also fell the love with BJJ, an incredible sport, and plan to continue it back home.
Thank you for everything!
Im already missing the whole family, the kids and of course the doggies, even Luca ;)

Hope to back next summer!

about 2 months ago

United States


When I came to the academy I was not sure what to expect and I was very nervous but the whole family and volunteers welcomed me with open arms. The family is so generous and caring. I feel like I grew so much in this environment. I learned how to improve my strength and well being as well as many new life skills. I had so many amazing moments with the family. If you come here and put in the work you will have an amazing experience with an amazing family. They will make you feel like part of the family and you will never want to leave. It is an unforgettable experience.

3 months ago

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