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Really nice hostel, easy to reach, with a lot of nice street food in front of. Its a cozy place with just 24 beds, so not that many tasks. The place for breakfast it's a rooftop bar!!! Chinatown, the cinema, a clinic, public transport and the shopping mall is really next to. I enjoyed the stay pretty much.

21 days ago

United States

AVOID working with Flip Bunc! I was not trained at all on front desk duties and tasks. The first day I arrived I was literally thrown behind the front desk and "briefed" for 5 MINS on how things are done. Was not greeted by the owner, instead was asked why is this not done this way? He tried to insult my intelligence.. by telling me everything is common sense. How so? When I was not trained properly from the beginning. This place is operated horribly, it is reflected in all customer reviews on various booking websites. Avoid this place! Better places in KL that would appreciate a volunteer.

5 months ago

Yasotha replied

We are not able to recommend volunteers that are disappearing from working hours all the time and not doing their task, which was agreed earlier before a volunteer confirming their stay with us. It has been a practice where we will inform all tasks , off days, schedule before a volunteer confirming their stay.

With such, we regret to informed that, Kenny does not do any task as given. Even if he does, everything was a mess, other staff need to frequently chased and follow up with him on what had happen.

Our staff are there staying in-house, training itinerary and training has been given to him by our seniors, its not a rocket science , anything he can ask, but he don't. We have group chat for work purpose, he don't response to any questions or ask anything that his unsure with in the group. He just leave it as it is and someone else need to do it for him.

As agreed, he must do housekeeping, like make the beds, clean the pantry and keep the hostel clean, but nothing he does, He told the manager, that is not his tasks. We have send all the relevant print screen of his communication with us to worldpackers team, where he has agreed to all the tasks. The worldpacker Teams are aware of this.

He uses vulgar words to the Manager when he was questions on his tasks. We never had any volunteers that was disappointed with the management before, we work together and all our previous volunteers have given us the best and we maintain a good relationship. Kenny's behavior was a shock to us as we never expect he will do this. We will in future filter more carefully for volunteers.


Such a unique experience to live like a local in this multicultural megacity, and it has only been possible by volunteering for Flip. The place has a very quiet atomsphere, so you can expect a cozy place for socialization and exchanging culture with locals and visitors. The staff is always at your back for you to have the best experience with the job and the city. It was another great part of my travel book. All the best for Flip! =)

6 months ago


I had a very great time in the Flip KLS Sentral. The location of the hostel is perfect and you have lot of cheap and nice places to eat just in the same street. The job is quite easy and the staff is really cool, always there to help you in everything you need. Special thanks to Saeem, Zahir and Sangita for be so kind with me!

Also Yashota, the host, is a very nice woman and she's always there to hear you and help you, she also will adapt the schedule for you if you need it as she did with me lot of times.

All the best to you guys and thank you very much!

7 months ago


Flip Bunc KL Sentral hostel is a good location in KL central, just walking like a five minutes to NU central.
it's very to easy find the location, the most i like because everywhere its easy to find food.
about job in this hostel not so much to do because mostly people extend their time in this hostel, we just make sure when they check in and check out from this hostel.
spent two weeks ,i think not so good for me not much to see in Kuala Lumpur. so far so good all staff good help.
Yasotha also is good host thank you so much.

8 months ago