Fondation Nadca

We are giving volunteers the opportunity to interact with the local community to learn more about the culture, visit tourist sites like waterfalls, mountains, caves, visit our beach and witness our traditional festivals. We welcome you to join us at any time of the year and to bring different ideas and skills which will help us develop our strategies to promote quality education and healthy communities in Benin. Visit us, help us, exchange cultures and enjoy your stay with us.

Fondation Nadca was created for children. Teenagers and widows in difficult situations in West Africa Region. The structure cares for 120 of them. It is a free charity home for all these voiceless ones. At present, we have over 35 in the body house and others with the local families; then 7 teachers and 2 caretakers and 1 chef. The Fondation Nadca is registered under Benin Republic NGO Laws and is located at Abomey Calavi district 25 KMS . from Cotonou the Economic capital of Benin Republic; the center is in the village called Kansounkpa, we are located at South part of Benin; who are sharing borders with Togo; Nigeria; Burkina Faso; And Niger in West Africa Region. The village is a rural undeveloped area with limited social services. Fondation Nadca was founded on the 4th of July, 2006 by, Henri Anastase Ologoudou, president of the fondation.


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