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This is my first time doing worldpackers and the main job here is kitchen cleaning and assembling furniture. The work content is about 32 hours a week, and it will be busy on holidays, and you need to work 9 hours a day. The staff at this shop were friendly and provided us with accommodation for our lives, as well as information for our travel needs. However, the store is far away from the light rail station, so it takes more time to go out on the road. During my few weeks here, I experienced the local customs and explored Gangnam and Seoul.

18 days ago

United States


My experience at Frombali was my second with Worldpackers. Like any new job , it took me at least a week to get comfortable with the work flow. However, the beauty of the environment and its remote location from the city made it all worth it .In terms of the job description , be prepared to be busy on weekends but enjoy a more calm atmosphere during the weekdays. Always make sure to check with the manager for any tasks that need to be completed. I must mention Mr . Peter ‘s generosity when it comes to food and the kindness of the staff members who made my stay unforgettable.

2 months ago



From Bali it’s amazing, the place itself is big and super pretty! Amazing food and you can connect with different cultures… they speak mostly korean and a little bit of english, it’s kind of a lot of work but you have two days off to enjoy, it’s a little far from the city and a 21 minute walk away from the only bus stop around, also no stations close so you’ll have to use this bus stop. But it’s all worth it for the awesome experience, staff dinners and amazing coworkers.

2 months ago



Con Changyong fue todo muy bien, hubo algunos cambios pero merecieron la pena, From Bali es genial, la gente, la comida y el lugar, Geoje fué de mis favoritos ya que en Busan no hace tanto frío y alojarse en una islas es un sueño, espero volver pronto 🙌🏽🇰🇷

8 months ago