You will enjoy the experience of this magical place. The Galapagos islands are unique and considered as a natural laboratory in the world. And, you will win experience by helping us and with sharing your knowledge too :)

We are a local family and we all work at the restaurant. :) Everyone in the island are friendly and open to do new friends :D you will considered local, as you make friends at the island, is a small town, so you have the opportunity to do lot of friends :)

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it's a cool restaurant with really amazing food and owned by great people. i can recommend it, though the room could be cleaner and should have a fridge in it.

5 days ago


Words cannot describe how absolutely wonderful my experience at Nativo and the galapogos has been. The family was kind and welcoming and held nothing back when it came to treating myself and other volunteers to a life changing trip.
I stayed 1 month and could have easily stayed another. I'm so grateful for everything Cindy and her family has given me.

The tours, animals, people, and food was absolutely amazing. I seriously can't recommend it highly enough.

11 months ago


Cindy and Seba were great and really welcoming people. The house they offer for living is quite simple and comfortable. Me and my friend were supposed to stay a month, but we stayed only one week because unfortunately Seba had to go on a trip and his father would be in charge and he wouldn't even say a simple "good morning" to us. We felt this weird vibe and lack of communication really unwelcoming and as if we were unwanted there, plus the way he behaved under stress wasn't nice at all. So we decided to leave. The work itself was ok: the restaurant is small and we basicly did cleaning duties.

over 1 year ago


I really enjoyed staying with Cindy, her family and the whole crew!
I worked more than it's written in the description, but I didn't had to - but the restaurants location is just to good and I didn't had wifi at my room, so I stayed there a lot and when I sayed I nearly always helped out ;)
but It was definatly fun and cindy & co included me also in privat activities!
they also gave me some chances to see more of the island;
THANKS A LOT to everyone & I hope to see you again, all of you :D

almost 2 years ago

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