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We will take care of giving the volunteer the best possible experience for the volunteer to make them feel at home, we will offer them meals so that they always have energy and can develop the activities in the hostel

I manage the hotel with my partner, so the volunteers will be like our family, they will have a lot of free time to go out to enjoy the mountains and nearby towns


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I had so much fun with this experience! The hostel was so cozy and I met so many new people from all around the world. I definitely would recommend this experience to anyone who wants to be part of a team and a community. This was my first time in Europe and it was nice to have a "home" to be in everyday. The only thing I would say that could be improved is that the application said there would be a lot of amenities, such as, discounts on restaurants, bars, free parties, and tours which was not quite accurate. Feel free to message me with any questions! Thank you GET INN for a great time!

5 days ago



My experience was awesome, the hostel is very cool, well located and with a good atmosphere. The work is not too hard, just a few hours per day, I had a lot of free time to enjoy the city and the region. Thanks a lot Get Inn Hostel

8 months ago



it was another of so many experience in a hostel. sharing different ways of seeing life with other volunteers, exchanging ideas and meeting new people makes us grow a little more. I felt very comfortable with everything in this place. thank you for this new experience.

9 months ago



It was my first experience as a volunteer and I can resume in one word “Perfect“.
The hostel was totally full of good energy, people, kindness, fun and amazing food for breakfast. It was more than I could expect.
I totally recommend this experience because the owners showed that they want to improve and give a good experience to the volunteers. I had the opportunity to be in contact with people from all over the world and some of them will stay in my heart for good as the Get INN hostel. ❤️

10 months ago



What I really liked about this volunteering was that the owners are very good people, they make you feel at home, you enjoy being with the guests, you share many experiences here! You have time to make your plans, everything was good!

11 months ago

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