Glacier House Hostel

Come to see the Aurora Borealis in winter, or the light-all-night in summer! Winter offers activities unique to the area, such as dog mushing, ice carving, skiing. Fairbanks is the hub for people who want to see Denali National Park, Chena Hot Springs, wilderness areas, trips to the Arctic Circle, Barrow, and Prudhoe Bay.

This is a small, 16 bed hostel, easy to manage and a home-like setting. Being available to guests and basic housekeeping tasks are your most important duties. Your schedule can be arranged so you have plenty of time to explore, or flex around a second job.


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Very nice and friendly hosts, meet amazing people and for sure I would like to come back and would recommend to anyone, nice opportunity to see how Alaskan life is and living it by yourself, the hosts were the ones that made this time a great time.



It was an amazing experience! The hostel is cozy and has a family atmosphere. Gay Ellen was amazing to me since I arrived, she took me to see the city and visit some cool places and introduced me to wonderful people, she is a very generous person, fun and intelligent. She has a mother's heart. We had a lot of fun, we talked about a lot of things and laughed together. The work is very easy and it was very good to learn new things. The host Alex is an incredible man and very polite. Words cannot express my gratitude for this precious month that I spend at the hostel. I'll be back for sure!



Glacier House Hostel is a nice place to stay. I had a really good time over there. It was a bit challenging to be in Alaska since Im from Brazil but a nice experience. The host in residence was very polite and he nicely dropped me by the airport when I left. He also took me to do groceries a few times and he introduced me to places I should visit and so on. The work is quite easy, although the lack of a specific work schedule was a bit strange. I overall recommend this hostel...


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Gay Ellen is an amazing and kind woman. My 3 month stay was eventful and felt so fast! Hosts are put up in/around the hostel where there is available room, and I was lucky enough to end up in the camper. There is tons of work available in the Fairbanks area during the busy Summer months, and Gay Ellen is open to working with her Worldpackers to allow for simultaneously earning an income during your stay - communication is key! I had a great time getting to know folks and experiencing the farmers market as a part of my skill set. I look forward to potentially returning next season!


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