Glamping at Kongkoi

our place is nice and quiet.. full of birds and other creatures. but during the day time it's going to hot and the night pretty chilly. you can have a dip in the river or do fishing or help us around the place.

i'm Arashi. the place is run by my family. most of the time its just gonna be the 4 of us here. you will be treated like a family. we will eat together, work together and play together. You also would be socializing with our guests. We also need someone who is proactive, can give out ideas, don't mind getting dirty and most of all honest! Oh! and we have 8 dogs and some cats. 😁 It's going to be TOUGH... we are kinda a workaholic family and we are also rather short handed right now with a tight budget. We ALL are gonna be working to the bones. If you want to challenge yourself by doing all basically manual labor, then please... join us. Mostly we will be slightly free and easy when we don't have guests. If you like having intellectual and mind blowing talks, this is also the place for you.


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Glamping is the perfect place if you want to have a break of the trip and get to know the culture of Malaysia. You will learn a lot from them, and you won't get bored.
Just to know it isn't a time table, so you help when they ask you for. But if you need time they will always tell you to have a break, they are very easygoing!
You arrive as a backpacker but you leave as a part of a family, and maybe with a new name 🤣
Perfect place for natural lovers!

over 3 years ago

United Kingdom


The accommodation is sub par, it's got a roof but it isn't closed so all of the geckos that live on the roof excrete their waste all over the place, so if you have stuff you don't want covered in faeces you need to cover it up. There's beds but again, you don't want to use them because of this. Luckily I brought a hammock with me and a pillowcase, so I'd rather sleep on that. The tasks were unclear then the hosts complained when I didn't know what to do. The mother and youngest daughter were really rude. Vicious guard dogs that bark and bite (I got bitten once). Stay well clear!

over 3 years ago

arashi replied

The accommodation is a traditional house, there is so ceiling or covering up. We have stated clearly that you would need to clean the room and house yourself. The tasks we gave him were clear and when we tried to guide him on how to do it correctly he made faces and rebelled. That is rude, making faces and his actions were rude too and he always wakes up early when everyone woke up at eight. We must have guard dogs in order to keep place safe from other more dangerous and possibly life threatening creatures. But whatever Gary. I don't want to prolong this.



We found a family there! Cristian and me enjoy everything! But you need to know that is not a place for everybody!\nWe miss you a lot! We want to come back!

over 3 years ago



I loved to stay at the Glamping! I felt like a part of the family. Also the place itself is awesome. It's out in the middle of nowhere, far away from wifi, clubs or hot water - which was great. Perfect place to calm down from travelling or working in the city. What you should know, is that there is no work schedule at all, I simply helped whenever they needed me. Which felt fair to me! I enjoyed my time out in nature with the family. See you soon :)

over 3 years ago

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