Gonji Village

ㅡLearn about Korean life as you chat with families visiting the farm on the weekends. ㅡExperience delicious Korean cuisine by sharing meals with the farmer and others of us in the village. ㅡEnjoy nature and history in the southeastern region of Korea with myriad hiking trails, temples, and beaches in your downtime. ㅡLearn about small business complexities and challenges as we grow a farm into a global theme park dream. ㅡLearn about hydroponic farming and other technological aspects of farming we are pursuing at the farm. Examples include beekeeping, ICT technology, LEDs, new soils, and farm to table recipes. ㅡExperience sports, meals, parties, trips, spas, hikes, and whatever else we think of with our farm family. 1. Urban Agriculture Farm 2. Group Badminton events 3. Daily catered Korean lunch 4. Health Recovery Farm 5. Karaoke & beer garden nights 6. Cultural experience trips to regional sites 7. In house group movie nights 8. BBQ family style meal nights 9. Global Farm Membership and point system

Most hosts want you for your hands, we want you for your culture. We offer a curated cultural experience not just to the families who visit the farm, but to you as well.

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