Good Place Moitas

I am a swiss person that fell in love with a Brazilian Gril and the Ceara coast. We bought 2 small houses in Moitas and turned it into a guest house. Our place is pretty simple and just starting so we have a lot of things to work on. It is located at 150meters from the beach of Moitas. Moitas is a small quiet village that i would describe as a lost paradise. It is a good place to rest and enjoy the tranquillity of the area. Moitas is a small village in brasil, it stills has characteristics of a typical Brazilian countryside village. In such a village everyone knows everyone, it is pos sible to walk everywhere you want without feeling any insecurity. Spending time in Moitas means meeting lots of amazing and simple people that leaves there. And beyond that enjoying a lost paradise with great quiet beach, a river entering into the sees with calm sky blue water. And coconuts!

I am not physically staying in Moitas. During the wind season i am staying in Jericoacoara with my girlfriend. She manages a pousada there (which also works with volunteers by the way). Her and I are managing "Good Place Moitas" from distance. Our staff on site is our friend Niane the neighbor, she takes care of the room cleanings and welcoming the guests. The volunteers in Moitas will share a room with a bathroom (basically one of our suites to rent) since our place is just starting, we have rooms available. Our place is pretty simple and just starting so we have a lot of things to work on. We are looking for people to make our place more beautiful and we are open for creative and ecologic ideas. At moment we are building a fence with palm leaves, it is nice! We thought about making fine arts on the walls, paint some furnitures, build other furnitures taking cool ideas on the internet. If you have knowledges in website building and social networks you can help us as well.

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Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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