Goodbye Lenin Hostel Zakopane

Looking for a place to escape the city, reconnect with nature and hike your ass off? Look no further!
Hidden away in the forest, yet still very accessible, there’s a magical place called Good Bye Lenin.
The main hostel is a beautiful cabin build in 1909. It’s cosy living room with free breakfast makes for the perfect place to start the day. And what better way to end an adventure filled day than with a cold beer and some delicious food from our BBQ.
Our hostel is in the middle of nature, yet the nearest bus into town (and to the Morski Oko lake), mini market and entry to the national park are just a 5 minute walk away.
Hiking, climbing, mountain biking... you name it, lots of adventure sports are possible here.
Sometimes, however, it is time to relax. Mao (the hostel cat) needs cuddling and Majka (the hostel goat) is always up for a deep conversation. Reenergize for the next day of endless fun.
To get a taste of what your stay at Goodbye Lenin could be like, just have a look at our Facebook page ‘Zakopane Goodbye Lenin Hostel’. Or better yet, join our team!

I am really honored to have this possibility to ask such great people like backpackers to help me. We had many volunteers working with us and until now everybody was really happy. The first 4 years of running the hostel I lived with volunteers in the same room so many of them became my friend and we are still in touch. Lots of them are coming back...Right now there are 2 people helping me, that are already 3th time over the last 3 years and are staying for mounts. I think this is because the love the place :) And about myself... I run the hostel since 5 years, before I was addicted traveler myself, now I turned more into the outdoor sports, I love climbing, ski-mountaineering, horseriding. And since 8 months I am a happy mummy of my little baby boy Andrzej. Dont hesitate to join our GBL family :)

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It felt like home from the first minute. A place where the word cozy has its actual meaning. Marzena is an amazing and really kind person. The volunteer team was amazing as well. Many opportunities for beautiful hikes. A lot of free time to relax and slow down in life. 🫶
For now goodbye Lenin, I will definitely come back at some point of time:)

about 1 month ago



This was the absolute best time of my life! This was my first Worldpackers and truly could not have set the bar any higher. Marzena was an incredibly kind and capable host who always took care of us. The work was fun and very doable, with plenty of downtime to explore the mountain and get to know the guests and volunteers. Marzena always listened and implemented our suggestions and gave us a lot of freedom to make the hostel what we wanted! The other volunteers were amazing and the hostel was such a wonderful place to live. I cannot wait to come back one day.

about 2 months ago

Puerto Rico


Felt right at home away from home. I was kinda offended when the platform asked " what they could improve on?" They were amazing , the best. Nothing but respect and applause for Marzena. Such a great leader and even greater mother ❤️ felt nothing but love and respect at this hostel. And I was so happy to share my time and efforts and would easily do it over and over and overrrr agaaain Lubim Tyyyy Good Bye Lenin Hostel So sad to leave 😢 and so excited to visit you all again! Love-Jay ❤️❤️

about 2 months ago



That was an amazing experience! This is a social hostel, so you can talk to a lot of people. The mountains around are fascinating. Zakopane is beautiful. Wonderful opportunity to relax.

The work in the hostel is super easy, and marzena is the ideal "boss" you'd dream of: she's respectful, kind, attentious. Any extra work you may do - if you want to - is paid. I wish things were more like this in the "real" world.

I made great friends that I'll keep in touch with. And I'll never forget the many things I've learned :)

about 2 months ago



Ah, my first worlpackers experience. This was incredible! I loved the place and the people who stayed there. Marzena is caring and easygoing, and her family is lovely. Hostel pets are cute! The fact that so many volunteers keep returning here says a lot. I'm thinking of coming back too, because for me, it's the best place in Poland. The place is perfect for connecting with nature. It takes two minutes to get to the Tatras National Park entrance.

3 months ago

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