Gran Hostel

What we can offer: a) hospitality and warmhearted, openminded people b)interesting ideas c) know our culture d) sharing experience from bussiness, military, life, self development e) teach some skills: dance salsa, kizomba

So who I had been? When I was a kid I wanted to be a woodchopper. I like nature- hills, mountains, woods, rivers, seas and nature wonders and powers like wind, thunderstorm, sunshine, sunset and fire... Couple years later I had chosen my life destiny. It had it all- being in nature, hard training, acces to secret information and discovering how to lead people. It was fulfilled in my career as commander. I finaly become highly trained military officier leading elite team of twenty people and four heavy armoured fighting vehicles armed to the teeth in every environment and in every conditions capable of everything. I was living with them and literally "dying" with them. The environment and conditions were tough and they taught me a lot. But I missed something a lot in the army. I missed freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of traveling, freedom of doing things, freedom of meeting interesting people, freedom of creativity and freedom of talking to women and seeing things from other perspective. So I decided to leave the army and fulfil my dreams. So who am I really? Sometimes rebel, sometimes explorer, sometimes even child, but definitelly always DANCING WARRIOR LOVER or freedom and nature. I live my life and explore. I travel a lot. I do adrenaline things like jumping to the water from high places. I dance masterfuly like crazy. I speak and behave like a champion. I play like a child. I rebel against social norms. I fight my fears and feel like invincible. I need to feel that I am alive. Me and my staff treat people respectfully, kindly and friendly. I strongly believe that people can learn from each other and about their origin very much. And when we understand each other and grow together we can be happier and create better world.

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Brand new host looking for people to collaborate with each other.

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