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Nearby attractions include Phnom Penh an hour and a half away, and Kampong Cham the same distance in the opposite direction. There are two mountain temples nearby famous for having monkeys that you can interact with. In the village are 3 beautiful pagoda complexes for you to explore, or visit during Buddhist festivals. There is also a recently opened swimming pool nearby that the kids like to go to on Sundays. In rainy months, there are many small creeks or flooded ricefields where you can swim with the kids and escape the heat. The village is surrounded by ricefields which always offer amazing sunrise and sunset views. Football and volleyball are popular in the villages here. If you want, you can join locals when they play in the evenings. Some of the kids like to go running in the mornings before school as training for football. Again, you'd be welcome to join them. There's a restaurant on the highway nearby that cooks and sells various insects (tarantulas, scorpions, grasshoppers, etc) to passing tourists. So if you are feeling adventurous, we can eat spiders and wash it down with local palm beer. Chol Mouy!! About 3 or 4 times a year, we like to organize trips around the country with the older students. These are multiple day trips to places such as the beaches down at Kep, or Angkor Wat, or the Mekong River in northern parts of Cambodia. Any volunteers are of course invited to join these trips. Definitely take a look at the weather if you are looking to travel to Cambodia. It's nice and hot all year round here. We have a rainy season roughly from June-October, and a dry season from November-May. Be prepared to deal with mosquitos if you come during the rainy season, especially at dusk. For transportation, we can loan a bicycle for getting around the village, or you may want to rent a scooter. With some good negotiating, you can rent for about $100-120 per month in Phnom Penh. We can help you to get a good price.

We are 3 teachers: Chiva, the founder of Green Village School. Kyle, a long term volunteer living in the village. And Phearun, a local English/Chinese teacher. Your accommodation could be a private room in a separate building near the school, or we could also try to organize a homestay with one of the students' families. The facilities here would include a room with fan and mosquito net, and a western toilet and cold shower. The room near the school is in a separate building on the same property, but students will not enter it. So you will always have a private space to retreat to when you wish. We can cook vegetarian food if requested (Chiva is also vegetarian so no inconvenience there). The market, where you can buy ingredients to cook for yourself or buy local prepared foods, is a 5 minute drive or 25 minute walk away.

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If you want to discover the local life, to meet people and to be involved in the community, this place is perfect ! Chiva, his family, and Kyle are welcoming, and they let me some time to adapt before leaving me alone in a classeroom. the student are also all welcoming, generous, interested and interesting. they are all motivated to learn English, but they also really want to meet you and spend time with you - whether they are 8 or 18.
The accommodation is nice and the food is really good !

about 1 month ago

United States


I had a really nice, enlightening, productive, enjoyable time here. Glad to work with a small local school with some creative liberty in the program, while following the general theme of cultural exposure and English teaching. The students were engaged and motivated and took interest in us, our home counties and travel experiences. I could recommend this to travelers that want to be away from the big cities and see how rural locals live. Less recommended for flashpackers. The home was comfortable and food delicious. The host is agreeable and pleasant and I can recommend a stay. Great time

2 months ago



My time at Green village school has been absolutely wonderful. The students are all so eager to learn and they will all welcome you very warmly. All the students, from the beginners to advanced, are very friendly and curious about everything. Staying with chiva and his family have also been great. The accommodations are nice, food is delicious and the people sweet. I have truly had a life changing experience and made some amazing friends whom it will be hard to leave. Gvs is a place I highly recommend!

3 months ago



I volunteered with my friend and itwas really the best experience! We loved working with the kids and we loved wverything about the school. We even went on a schooltrip to kampot! Would definately recommend ❤️

5 months ago



I absolutely recommend coming here! This experience is amazing and I will certainly never forget it. Everybody here is so great: welcoming, kind-hearted and friendly. The food, accommodation and living in general is really pleasant and the school is great. It's not only about learning English but also opening your mind and individual development. The students are so respectful and motivated and many of them became my friends. We spent every free minute together and I was able to learn so much about their culture. I always felt safe and welcomed and will definitely miss this place. :)

7 months ago

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