H2O Hostel

The H2O hostel is a great experience for every traveler, Sofia it's amazing, a lot of history, museums, parks, activities, parties, cheap food and drinks. We are in the Center of Sofia, what makes it more interesting and easy to move around the city. A GREAT PLACE to visit. Do I have to work? Yes, with commitment of the assigned tasks.

Our staff is about 6 to 8 travelers, sharing staff room with the other volunteers, living good moments, sharing work and friendship. The shedules for the work are done weekly, and we try to be as flexible as posible so you can have your two days off in a row or especific days if you want them, you can just ask with time so we can plan. Our main goal is to mantain a good and positive enviroment between the volunteers, as well as with the guests. You are comming to stay with us to be yourself, let us get to know you and you get to know us to share experinces, skills, ideas and so much more. In your free time you are a guest as well, and can enjoy as one, if we have a tour going on during the day there is a change you can joing for free. We want you to be not just one more person staying at the hostel, but part of a big family.

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