Happy Dogs Koh Chang

Volunteers will have a great opportunity to gain further experience in caring for dogs, learn about dogs behaviour living in large packs and the pack hierarchy. Volunteers will also learn about the treatments and medications for various illnesses and how to discipline when the dogs are acting naughty. This is a great opportunity to learn how to gain a dogs trust and create a bond you and your furry friends will remember for a lifetime.

You will spend your time here caring for our beautiful dogs in our shelters on the island. This means lots of pats, kisses and one on one time with the dogs. You will mostly be trained and briefed by other volunteers, we expect a willingness to work alone but also in a team, you should be enthusiastic and committed to the care of the dogs. Once you have volunteered with us at Happy Dogs Koh Chang you will be a part of the Happy Dogs family for life. Many of our volunteers end up extending their stays and come back to volunteer a second or a third time.


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Volunteering at Happy Dogs has been one of the best experiences of my life. I think I would have to write an essay to describe how much I loved it.
Caring for 14 dogs truly becomes caring for your own doggies, so if you love dogs like me, you are in it for the love. I have fallen in love with these dogs, that thinking about leaving them brought tears to my eyes and still does. You get to live with like-minded people that love dogs and nature as much as you do! And you get to disconnect from the city life while doing something extremely rewarding.

about 2 months ago

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