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BC is not the only place with Great Scenery and there is a lot less rain here. Hope you will give us a chance to show you what we are talking about. We live on an unspoiled pristine lake in a wilderness forest area in northern Ontario Canada and are looking for a guy who is a motivated "Volunteer Visitor" who is an easy-going self-starter and does not smoke and eats regular food. The opportunity we offer would be ideal for someone who loves the tranquil setting of a lakeside home surrounded by hundreds of square miles of protected forest and enjoys being in and on the water (or would like to experience "the land of ice and snow" in winter). For continuity, we prefer long-term visitors (We plan to keep hosting here forever). Although we live in the middle of several hundred square miles of protected forest, we do have all modern conveniences (new forced air gas furnace etc) and great roads and the lake is totally awesome.

After developing our properties for 31 years working on weekends and holidays, my wife and I started living here full time in 2001 and continued to run our little cottage renting business. Sharing our home is not new to us. We have been hiring very exceptional high school students to help out every summer for 37 years (and they are all still part of our ever-growing extended family – once family – always family).

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