Harmony & Nature in a uncommon atelier in Tuscany

Short intro .. (please before send your request read carefully)

There is a shady, sleepy garden in the Tuscan hills not far from a small town. At the same time it is as if it were a small planet in its own right... :)

It's not easy to describe this place, surely it's a good peaceful place in harmony with nature which for me is the essential thing.

The small house is the 'base center' of everything perfectly messy... place outside the box where you can feel free from prejudices and stress, but above all my laboratory where I live and work as well as the garden. My concept of "home" is one with my art.
I'm lucky enough to enjoy all this space to stimulate my creativity but unfortunately I'm not so young anymore and able to do everything by myself that's why I need a sincere help from you...
I love archeology, anthropology, art and mysteries of the distant past... Who was there before us? And many more questions that are still unanswered...
I am an "all-round" artist who has made the choice to live far from clichés, from indifference, from the "mad crowd". I am serenely gay and I hope it is not a problem...

To host friends and volunteers I have some vintage caravans right next to the house that perfectly serve as private bedrooms, the bathroom/shower is just in front (a bit like camping). Then there are also two log cabins that need some care.
All is beautiful and full of poetry but there is a need for constant maintenance all year round, that's why I need help, too much for me...
A In the countryside there is always something to do so I prefer really motivated people and not those who only take advantage of low-cost tourism.

I like to recycle whatever I can and create art with all kinds of natural elements. I love simple, honest and sincere people and I'm allergic to hypocrisy and opportunism.

I paint, I make small artistic creations, I like to sew what I wear (but I'm not a good tailor)... Yes, I paint and take care of my hens and try to bring the hortus conclusus back to being as self-sufficient as possible.

I'm looking for simple rustic fit guys - pioneers, pragmatic, very open minded, handyman with sense of humor, do-it-yourself bricklayer, genius, carpenter, acrobat, tumbler, gardener, plumber, electrician, mechanic, woodcutter, farmer, inventor, etc. If you are an enterprising and motivated type, you will certainly be fine.

Who has 'special needs'.... remember to bring them with you. So you'll be sure to find what you want :)
I don't have the financial means to satisfy everyone's wishes... and to live in this world we need pay for the air we breathe... Incredible, monstrous but true...

Many people think they can change the world with a fast 'like' from the Smartphone, but that's not how it works... Remember .... "Be the change you want to see in the world" (Mahatma Gandhi)

Please enter your Instagram/Facebook account when sending your request (just to know who I open the door to...) Thanks ;) - my Instagram @vivian.atelier

IMPORTANT: If you have 'special needs'. ... remember to take them with you. So you will be sure to find what you want. ;)

1 - Add your Instagram / Facebook account when submitting your request so that a host knows more about your personality. It is not always prudent to open the front door to strangers ... If you have allergies please let me know.

2 - Only people vaccinated against Covid

3 - Free wifi - The house is small but I have caravans near the house where you will sleep. Better if you have your own sleeping bag.

3 - I love self-sufficient guy and I don't accept who sneakily want to make their cheap 'honeymoon' by exploiting these volunteer platforms.

4 - I love people with sense of humor there is too much sadness in the world. We need to laugh and love more…

I'm sorry if my description may seem a bit harsh to some, but I prefer to be clear and honest so as not to disappoint my and your expectations. Unfortunately I have noticed for some time that this place is much better suited to boys for various reasons - there is only one bathroom available, which is located right in front of the caravans where it is possible to take a shower but it is very basic. I've had girls in the past who have proven to be much more adaptable and hardworking than other guys so it's not meant to be discriminatory against girls in any way whatsoever. I have fought all my life to demolish prejudice and discrimination. When it is better organized then we will change things… :)


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Viviano's farm is an amazing place. Everything is kinda magical, actually. The birds, the trees, the architecture and how the place is organized. From the moment you arrive, you're going to feel you are in an alternate world where the time goes by differently. Viviano is a big piece on this play, he's welcoming and make you feel at home. We used to spend long hours talking, eating awesome italian food, drinking wine and discussing the secrets of the universe and humankind. The experience was awesome.

10 months ago



Viviano was a great host! The food was delicious, our conversations were interesting and the work was fun. I wish I could have stayed longer!

11 months ago



Viviano Is amazing artist. The place he has is one of a kind. Work is not hard and creative. If you want to work hard then you need to ask for tasks yourself, otherwise the tasks are easy. Food was wonderful and I never was hungry. Viviano has lot's of knowledge about nature and history that he loves to share. The place is not 5* hotel but it's really close to nature and you have everything you need.

over 2 years ago



Amazing experience. In every single aspect. The place is beautiful. Host is very respectful and wise. I definitely recommend the place. If you’re looking for something unique and special. Thanks Viviano. Alla prossima.

over 2 years ago



O anfitrião é uma pessoa incrível, uma história de vida sensacional!! Com ele aprendi muitas coisas, sem dúvidas uma das melhores pessoas que conheci nos últimos tempos, sem nem me conhecer me ajudou em tudo oque precisei! Serei eternamente grato por tudo! O lugar é muito tranquilo, repleto de animais e afazeres muito satisfatório, em breve pretendo retornar para podemos passar mais tempo juntos!! Muito obrigado por tudo

almost 3 years ago

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