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In october and november we will be harvesting the olives to make olive oil. You are welcome to give us a hand.

Welcome to our profile. We are Trente and Filip, an American/Belgian couple retired and young of heart and spirit building a holistic community on the slopes of mount Etna Volcano. We are welcoming brave hearts for longer stays especially from october till april. Most of the work involves clearing the land, weeding and taking care of the vegetable garden

The property is around 15 ha (150.000sqm, 40+ acres) on terraced slopes with dry stone rock walls (without cement) on the Etna volcano and facing the Ionian sea and the mainland Calabria. The place is 1 km form Presa, a small town with 80 inhabitants, and 3 km from Piedemonte Etneo, where you can find more things to do. You will either be housed in the villa or in one of the tiny houses on the property. Depending on the number of volunteers you will have your own bedroom or share it with other volunteers.

Please skip if :
* you are from South America and looking for a place to have residence waiting for your paperwork to come through. You ware welcome, but we don't provide residency nor invitation letters.
* you are hoping to learn Italian. Main conversation is in English. Our Italian sucks
* you have physical problems. You need to be physically strong, so if you have back problems or any other state of mind that disables you from doing physical work, please skip.
* you have heavy emotional problems. We are not qualified as your shrink, nor parents.
* you only have a week to come over. Minimum stay is three weeks. I very much welcome volunteers who are looking for a long term stay, especially during the winter months. However I evaluate every week the situation and only continue when both of us are happy with each others company/work.
* you don't have travel insurance.
* you are looking for a cheap hotel

We are looking for physically strong people who are not afraid of working hard. Would you like to live in a community based environment where you help realizing a dream, then this is for you. Apart from farm help required there is also construction and renovation tasks. I am are restoring an 18th century Palmento (wine makery). So if you love a challenge and nature, there is plenty of indoor and outdoor work. I am looking for help all year round, especially during the months of harvest : September, October and November. I welcome all those who enjoy working whether outdoors or in nature with a joyful passion.

Looking forward meeting you!

We live in a community on the property with several people in eco tiny houses, villas, campers and tents. We share meals and work and good conversations. Here is an example of the works that we do : * helping pruning the olive trees (taking away the branches and burn them) (nov-dec-jan-feb) * helping pruning the vines (taking away the branches and burn them)(jan-feb-mar)* * helping building dry stone walls in the fields * weeding the garden * cleaning out the pool and preparing for spring/summer (april-may) * spraying the olive trees with bio products (feb march) * painting walls, doors and fences inside and outside * cleaning up ashes from the volcano Accomodation : I provide accomodation in a 4 bedroom villa where you will have your own room or share it, depending on the number of volunteers we have at that time. You live, cook, clean together and there is a common living space where in the evening you can socialize with each other. We don't provide TV. We mainly eat vegetarian, but don't mind the exception once in a while. We provide basic food, mostly organic. We don't provide alcohol, meat, fish, sweets, soda's. So if you are in need of any of those, you have to provide for them yourselves. We share daily lunch and sometimes dinner with you and work together. Sometimes I will take you on a trip to the volcano, beach or alcantara river. This depends on how long you stay with us and how good we get along. If you come october/november we will harvest olives and you will be able to experience the proces from 'olive on the tree' to 'extra pure virgin olive oil'. Presa is a small village (80 inhabitants) and is 2 km away. Piedemonte is a bit bigger (3000 inhabitants) and 4 km away.


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Philip and Trente are wonderful people, from the first day I arrived, I was treated with respect and affection by them. I couldn't leave out Sara and Salvo who are incredible people, they helped us a lot!! For the next volunteers, be willing to carry out the tasks and keep the place organized, teamwork is essential for good coexistence!! I hope to return soon to continue other improvements to the place ❤️

2 days ago

Filip &Trente replied

Marcus fully reflects the figure of the volunteer. He is tireless, enthusiastic, respectful and really talented. A great capacity for understanding, communication and empathy that help the entire community to live peacefully and with joy. We look forward to having you back, thank you for helping make Ater Tumti Heaven on Earth, we LOVE you ❤️

New Zealand


Filip & Trente we’re great hosts and have a beautiful space to call home! Everyone was very welcoming from the start. The work was good I enjoyed the olive picking, there were some long days but once you did your hours, you had time to yourself. Getting there can be a bit of a mission so take that into account. It’s a rural location better if you had a vehicle. Overall a great experience with kind loving people and great food as well. Mamma Mia!!

16 days ago

Filip &Trente replied

Kyran has been an excellent resource throughout his stay, helping with determination and attention in the olive harvest. He has proven to be independent and proactive, taking the initiative in daily activities. We wish you much happiness



Ater tumti was amazing! Filip & Trente are amazing people with an amazing dream. Although the work was very physical I enjoyed doing it. The working hours were well respected and if there was a disagreement Filip & Trente were very open to feedback. I loved cooking for the group and cooking together with the other volunteers, the food was always amazing! Apart from working hours I enjoyed traveling around the area. The place can be a bit remote which is nice if you want to connect with nature but it can make it a bit difficult to explore other places. I would definitely recommend staying here!

4 months ago



If you like Sicily, an amazing view, holistic thinking, being remote, physical work and a lot of grass mowing ;) this is the place for you. I have learned a lot from everyone. I had a hard time adjusting myself to how remote it is but found my way with it in the end. Every day we did other tasks. Some tasks are really physically demanding so you need to know that you like those kinda jobs, or ask for other tasks. Most of the time Philip told us the tasks the day before. If you work all the hours they don't mind at what times you do it. They take you with them on trips which is amazing!

5 months ago



Nuestra experiencia en Ater Tumti fue buena. La casa es increíble, con vistas al Mar Jónico, dos piscinas, espacio para hacer yoga, jardín… La habitación donde nos quedamos era privada aunque compartíamos baño. Las tareas fueron un poco duras, ya que hacía mucho calor. Nuestro trabajo consistió principalmente en limpieza y ayudar en una construcción, por ejemplo lijando cemento. Llevamos una dieta vegetariana y la comida estaba buena. La casa está muy lejos de todo así que no es la mejor opción si buscas conocer la isla y hacer turismo. Los anfitriones fueron muy amables en todo momento.

5 months ago

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