Hébergement les Pieds sur Terre

We are careful to maintain a peaceful and loving environment and offer meditation, yoga and personal development activities on a regular basis. We are also vegetarian, drug and alcool free.. All this attracts beautiful souls to our place and we are very grateful for it !

We have been receiving, working and living with volunteers since 2016. You guys helped us put our business together, you helped us build and maintain everything that surrounds us now ! It's been an amazing journey, with great joy and some very spicy challenges. I personally find it one of the most rewarding experience and most efficient way to grow on an emotional, psychological and spiritual level. You will be working most directly with our manager, Jeanne who is the brain and heart of our accommodation business, she will help you coordinate your days and stay on track with things that need to be done during your work hours. You might also work more directly with me or other experienced team members depending on the job you're on. I am running a small ashram on the side of the accommodation business where we offer daily group meditation, prayer, yoga, devotional singing and small personal development workshops. You are more than welcome to join us for some or all of the above ! P.s. We run these activities only for ourselves and volunteers at the moment because of the covid situation.. it makes us a small well knitted group.

Perfect for you if you're looking for

Contact with nature

Vegetarian / Vegan

Contact with animals


Yoga / Meditation