Hekima Community Organization

Bukoba is a beautiful city on Lake Victoria with cool weather and attractive places for tours such as Musila Island, Akiba game reserve, Kabwala beach, and Catholic Cathedral. We are easily reachable by bus from Kampala, or by flight or bus from Dar Es Salaam.They will make new friendship, visits new historical sites, learn native Tanzanian culture include food, languages, clothing, housing and ceremonies. They might pick up some Swahili! We are working on a new program with traditional dance so volunteers will have some unique opportunities. Volunteers will also have the opportunity to improve their skills related to working with a non-profit such as program development and grant writing. We will be happy to provide letters of recommendation to our volunteers

Majaliwa Chui is a founder and executive director of Hekima. His professional background lies in child and youth development. Since 2015 he has been delivering child and youth programs through training and he has been facilitating child rights with VSO supporting Local Government Authority (LGA) to establish child protection mechanisms. In past he also facilitated youths in entrepreneurship and employ-ability life skills for street and home based children with Railway Children through business counseling in trade, apprenticeships and vocational training. Hekima has 4 staff all were volunteers ,most of the volunteers are original of the place where the project are taking place.Our volunteer will be part of Hekima's family during her/his working with us .Our people/staff are very sensitive with privacy , humanity and human rights

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