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# I'm Looking for 1 extra volunteer for May!
After that I'm looking for volunteers starting 1st of September!

1) Being the Night-Watch

2) Helping in House Keeping

3) Helping in the Café & Events


1) Being the nightwatch: You are in charge of the hostel during the night, if people loose their card to enter, or the fire alarm goes off, or guests make to much noise you are the person to come into action.

2) Cleaning rooms + hostel: I have a cleaning team that can use your hand with making my 90 beds. Not 90 beds everyday ofcourse :) I've got 20 unique rooms. All of theme in a different Dutch theme check out the website www.helloimlocal.com

3) Get ready for some cafe fun! You'll be lending a hand during breakfast, lunch, and events – it's all hands on deck! Join the Hello I'm Local team and dive into a variety of tasks. From whipping up coffees to tackling dishes, sprucing up tables, and even helping out our chef!


What you can expect:
# Settle into a beautiful volunteer room, complete with private bathroom!
# Cruise around town on a complimentary bike!
# Explore the historic vibes of Haarlem, Amsterdam, plus nature reserves and beaches!
# Whip up meals in my top-notch kitchen!
# Get a whopping 250 euro grocery allowance for the crew (8)! (This covers your meals)
# Make friends for life and be part of our unique community!

Haarlem's just a stone's throw from Amsterdam by train, and a breezy bike ride lands you in national parks and on sandy shores.
Fun fact: Many volunteers have become locals – join the crew!


I'm looking for happy and enthusiastic people, who will be a great fit to the team!
Are you 20+, interested in a new volunteer experience, excited to meet people from all over the world and ready to become a real local Dutchie? :)

Then send me some information about yourself, your experience and why you would like to work here! I hire on personality!

Welcome to Hello I'm Local! Explore my boutique hostel in Haarlem, where vintage charm meets Dutch design in 20 uniquely decorated rooms. With my dedicated team of 15 staff and 8 volunteers each month, I foster a strong sense of community. Join me and become part of my vibrant family, sharing stories and experiences that make your stay truly unforgettable!

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My stay at Hello I’m Local was truly one of the greatest experiences. The team was so nice and inclusive. The hostel is an amazing place to meet travelers from other places in the world. I became closer with my fellow volunteers than expected and really felt like I got a sort of second home in a short amount of time.
The work was totally fine and there was room for flexibility if needed. My month flew by and i wish i could’ve stayed for longer.
I would certainly recommend Hello I’m Local if you wish to connect with other travelers/locals and explore the Netherlands! 🧡

7 days ago

United States


I loved my time spent at Hello I’m Local! I’ve met so many amazing people, made great memories, and created lasting friendships through the volunteers and staff. The hostel is very cozy to hang out in and the location is perfect to get to Amsterdam and other surrounding cities. Haarlem is a more quiet town, but perfect to live in.
The work was easy and the hours were respected. Tim is great at communication, willing to make accommodations in the schedule, and the BEST host in general. He makes me laugh all the time :) I’m really going to miss the daily dinners with everyone! Thank you!

15 days ago



It was my first experience and I am very happy and grateful for it.
I enjoyed the reception staff, the volunteer group, the city.
I made life long friendships and learned many new tasks. The first month, although I had more free time than now that the high season has started, there was some disorganization which was resolved in April.
Thank you Kay, Twan, Robin, Simon, Evy, Tim for your kindness and patience, especially for my beginning English! 😂
I hope to see you again soon ✨

about 1 month ago

United Kingdom


My time here was mostly amazing! I made life long friendships. Grateful for Kaj and Tim who took care of us, moving shifts about when we couldn't work. April was a lot of fun!!
March was messy we were told when we arrived a lot of staff were leaving their jobs. The owner wasn't the nicest and I recommend hiring more staff just as my volunteer group were working a lot.
We have spoke to Tim and he has sorted it. I stayed for longer than I was supposed as I made incredible friends!

about 1 month ago

Tim replied

Thanks Phoebe! You are the best! It was so great to have you part of the Hello Im Local team! You will be missed, but just come visit us again in the summer?

Thanks for your feedback for the month of March. Yes it was a hectic month with staff leaving and new staff onboarding. Thanks for covering the House Keeping shifts. Thanks to you everything went very well!



I'm grateful for fellow volunteers and staff who cared for us. However, the owner's cleaning expectations are unrealistic due to turnover. Most staff (in general/all depts) left before and during our stay, leaving housekeeping to volunteers. The owner told us there were no plans to hire replacements. I suggest hiring staff to maintain standards, as volunteers arriving and leaving will never be able to upkeep. The hostel isn’t 5* - with aspirations to be, needs trained staff. Ex. the owner inspects for dust by dragging her finger along door frames. In the end - made lifelong friendships.

about 2 months ago

Tim replied

Hi Brooke, thanks for the great feedback! Yes we have a new team for house keeping, but thanks for covering that week! You are the best! Hope to welcome you again someday soon! Tim

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