Help a Family with a Garden, Kids, and Dogs in Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a wonderful city to use a base for exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest! We live in the University district in Seattle. Our house is within walking distance of parks, grocery stores, and public transportation like the buses and the light rail.

We are always looking for helping hands to help us with the dogs, the kids, the house, the yard, the summertime garden, and the busy life that comes with this stage of life. We are a family of two adults and three children. We also have two dogs, ages 12 and 13. During the school year, the kids are in school, and during the summer, the kids go to various day camps. Currently, I am looking for a female volunteer (I am already hosting another woman) from ~June 22 - September 10. Summer is the busiest time for our family. It really helps to have some consistent help as there is a bit of training involved to be able to help our family. We host throughout the year. There are always plenty of things to do around here. It’s nice to have another person around (in & out of the house) to keep our two dogs company. We can host up to two travelers at a time. Please let me know if you are ok with sharing space with another traveler or if you prefer the room to yourself. I don’t ask women to share space with men and or men to share space with women. Thus, my calendar shows if I have availability for anyone (meaning I have accepted no one for those dates) or if I have space for one man or one woman. Our Place: Our family has a 1200 sq ft house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Please keep in mind that our house is small by American standards. The third bedroom is our guest room with queen sized pull out bed and shared bathroom. The bed converts to a sofa when we don't have guests, but the bed has an actual mattress + a memory foam top (no bar across your back). It feels like a real bed. When we host two travelers, we have a second twin sized bed that we set up in the room. The bedroom has a TV for Netflix. We have security cameras that record and send alerts to our phones when the dogs are barking and when people come and go. We usually ignore these alerts. We use the cameras primarily to check on the dogs while we are out. Our beagle can become upset when she is alone, so it's nice to be able to check on her when we aren't home and to know when the dogs are getting restless or need to go out. The cameras are in common areas in plain view. Food: We are happy to share our staple food items with you, i.e. milk, cereal, eggs, things we have in the pantry and refrigerator. You are welcome to eat what we eat. We are not a family that sits down and eats dinner together on a nightly basis. Thus, you should expect to buy some of your own food to your preferences and eat some of our food. Our family’s schedule: We are a family with young kids. The kids are up early every day. Although you are welcome to sleep in, you might find doing so challenging past 7AM if you are sensitive to noise. We supply ear plugs and a white noise machine for your comfort. You are welcome to come and go and keep the hours that you wish, but please understand that if you are regularly coming home in the late evening or past midnight and, then, trying to sleep in, you may be more comfortable with another host. It’s absolutely fine every once in a while, but if going out late every night is your preference, we are not the best host for you. Getting Around Seattle: - Our neighborhood is very walkable! There are grocery stores, parks, and shops all within walking distance of our house. - We have bikes, bike locks, and bike helmets in the garage that we are happy to share. Just ask & we’ll get you set up! - It’s easy to use public transportation from our house. The nearest stop is only a few hundred feet away from our front door. -Getting from the airport (SEA) to our house is easy via one train + one bus. The Light Rail (train) runs regularly from the airport to the Stadium stop, which the stop closest to our house. From there, our house is only a short bus ride away. Next Steps: -If you are interested in staying with us, please share a bit more about yourself, why you want to stay with us, what you hope to do here in Seattle, and what dates you are looking to stay with us. -Please let me know when you have a moment to talk on the phone or video chat in the upcoming days. I have WhatsApp, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages, and Skype. -If all seems to be a fit after messaging and video chatting with each other, we will extend an invitation for you to stay with us. -Please keep in mind that I generally work on Work and Travel accommodations on Mondays, including replying to messages and scheduling video chats. It may take me a few days to respond.

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My experience with Cheryl was like excellent, the family was extremely welcoming, the environment is very good, the house routine is common for a large family, the learning was incredible, I had great days and I grew up as a person, I learned a lot with than, the american culture is very different and make me feel like a new person. So that experience was the best decision ever.


Cheryl replied

We miss you so much, Gabi! Thank you for helping us through the challenge of quarantine during COVID-19. Your six month stay went by so quickly. We have made a life-long friend!



I felt super comfortable living with the Woods family. The tasks are not bad, we have enough time to do whatever we want during the day. For me, one of the best moments was when we went to the park with children on Halloween and then went to the houses to ask for "Trick or Treat". I felt like a real local. The children are adorable and sweet, each one has a special way. Cheryl and Cris, I have to thank you guys for everything!


Cheryl replied

Thank you, Larissa! We enjoyed hosting you.



The Woods family is a beautiful family. The kids are so sweet and adorable. Seattle it's a great city. Sadly, I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The free English classes at the public library were cancelled in March. I had a good time in their house ! Thank you.


Cheryl replied

Thank you, Johanna. Please keep in touch to let us know how you are doing. Best wishes to you!



This was my first experience as Worlpacker, and it was what I expected and more. The family is really organised and have everything very clear on dealing with a someone new. The routine starts early morning until the kids go to school then in an hour or two you cover most of the things that are just house chores, pretty simple, sometimes they ask for your afternoon time to get the kids to extra activities they have, but in between and after that you are literally free. It really feels that you are at home everyone helps and coordinates to get the task out of the list each day. If you like kid


Cheryl replied

Thank you, Connie! It was a pleasure hosting you. Come back to Seattle anytime! :)



mi estadía en la casa de Cheryl fue muy buena. la habitación es muy cómoda, el lugar en donde vive es increíble rodeado de naturaleza y senderos para caminar. A pesar de mi frustración por no entender muy bien el idioma, Cheryl fué muy comprensiva conmigo y me apoyó en la decisión de irme antes. realmente es una muy linda familia, los niños son muy divertido y realmente te podes sentir como en tu casa. :)


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