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We live in a small town located in the South West of Sicily (less than 10.000 inhabitants), in the area of the famous tv-serie "Montabano" narrated by the Sicilian novelist Andrea Camilleri. We are on a hill-top 15 kilometres (9 mi) north of Ragusa at an altitude of 668 metres (2,192 ft) above sea level. The town is also called Balcony of Sicily for its panoramic position, with views over the Valley of the Ippari and its towns (Comiso, Vittoria, Acate) and all the way to the Mediterranean sea if looking south, as far as Mount Etna in direction north and to the Erean Mountains with Caltagirone if looking west. ##Chiaramonte is surrounded by a beautiful pine-forest where you can enjoy running, walking, cycling (mountain bikes) and being in contact with nature. Many locals are used to go and run in the pine-forest or around the town. ##Winter is not very cold and the spring usually comes very early compared to other Italian cities because of the Mediterranean climate. The town was founded by the Greeks, but then colonized by Arabs and Spanish as well. Chiaramonte produces a highly rated olive oil, accredited with the Denominazione d'Origine Protetta (DOP), not to mention premium pork products, from salami to salsicce (sausages).The local economy is based on agriculture, mainly olives, vineyards, vegetables, almonds and the raising of pigs and cattle. ##The town also has several small museums that tell you the story of this village covering a wide range of subjects such as the interesting Museo dei Cimeli storico-militari [Museum of historical and military memorabilia]. ##We are omnivorous and our diet consists of eating lot of fresh vegetables and fruits (vegeterian volunteers are welcome!) , just like meat and fish. We try to eat healthy and to avoid junk food as much as we can. ## I will be happy to help you Learning Italian if you wish. ##I like cooking and I will be more than happy to teach you some Italian (and Sicilian) recipes and, if you wish, we can cook and put the recipes in my foodblog where there's still a part of international recipes. ## When we have vacations, we will be happy to do some trips in this beautiful area ##You can discover the real places used for the famous Italian TV serie "Il commissario Montalbano" ##You can experience the Sicilian traditional food made by local farms where you can meet the cows and see how they make fresh ricotta cheese and other food and ride horses. WHAT YOU WON'T FIND: #CLUBS (but there are bars where young people are used to meet at night, especially at the weekend) #CINEMAS (the closest cinema is in Ragusa) TRADITIONAL EVENTS ## In February or March (4 weeks before Easter and three days before the Ash Wednesday) in town there is the Carnival: a big event that lasts 3 days and you can see the amazing parade and all the related events. ## May is the month of Our Lady Mary: a unique occasion to see how faith and folklore still exists combined in the biggest parade and religious celebrations. ## June: on the 24th we celebrate St. John the Baptist. ##August: we celebrate St. Salvatore and St. Vito, who is the Patron Saint of the town. In summertime they also organize countryside festivals where you can eat traditional Sicilian food and play old games. ##In middle September - October there is the Olive harvest: an occasion to see with your own eyes the traditional method of making the most green (and tasty) olive oil you have ever seen! We will do our best in order to make your stay a cultural exchange: you will have Sicilian food and we will invite you to cook and learn new recipes, we are as well very interested to get to know your area's peculiarities. cc

We are a family of three living in a village close to Ragusa: I am a 38 years old primary school teacher and teacher of Italian as a second language, my husband who is 40 years old and our 8 years old boy who is the main reason why we are here. #Our son is a very energetic boy so, basically, he likes to do many different activities such as playing with Lego bricks (he builds his own world with Lego's), art crafts', board games, he's a good reader but he also enjoys listening to someone who reads for him (Pete the Cat books are his favourite!), just like outdoor activities (when the weather is nice) like swimming, playing football and riding his bike. He's very curious and eager to find out the misteries of the world (dinosaurs, minerals and volcanoes are his main passions right now!). He can't play any instruments but he would love to, if the volunteer has a music skill and wishes to teach him. Being an only child, he likes so much interacting with our volunteers, showing you his "world" and being engaged in some activities. #About me, I have a background of linguistic studies and a passion for Middle East, I am a good listener and I enjoy reading books and watching movies, eventhough I remember very well book's plot but never the movies'!! I am a collector of magnets and pencils from all over the world, I like cooking healthy and I'm trying to instill this love also in my son. Before teaching at a public school, I was a teacher of Italian as a second language and a cultural mediator in a Reception Centre for both adult and minor migrants. I believe that intercultural dialogue can be the key for a more peaceful world: getting to know different people can help us being more tolerant and open to the diversity. For all those reasons, I wish my son could grow up surrounded by people with different backgrounds. We would like to host volunteers coming mainly from the following areas: CANADA, USA, UK, IRELAND, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND #We are very glad to host volunteers for long STAYS (THE LONGER, THE BETTER) in order to make a more family-friendly relationship and avoiding constant volunteer changes. We have been hosting since one year and unfortunately we realized that short time volunteers are too much destabilising for our son due to his young age, for this reason we accept volunteers who can stay with us for a couple of months onwards.

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