Help The Orphans Foundation

Take a summer or semester and volunteer with us in Africa (Tanzania). Experience real African life and learn Swahili! Also gain valuable knowledge teaching, farming, and traveling as you find your way into beautiful western Tanzania.

I'm a gentleman living with my family I have kids. I love volunteers from all over the World I respect volunteers and I hope will experience a lot while living with us. Here is my Story: - After several years of neglect, I left my home of Igamba Village at the age of 15 to find more support and a more hopeful future elsewhere. While passing through villages, finding food in trash piles and sleeping under trees, I finally arrived in my future home of Kibaha on top of a livestock transport train. In Kibaha, I put my special gift for music to good use, landing a job as a pianist at local church in exchange for sleeping on the church pews during the week. While playing one Sunday, I met a touring Australian man who would forever change my life. After learning of my homelessness, the man took me under his wing and offered to pay for my secondary school. Because of the man generosity, I didn’t manage to graduate my secondary school the Australian man was not able to pay for my school fees anymore because he got cancer, I felt sad. I decided to teach myself English and computer repair. I opened a successful internet cafe and computer repair center in Kibaha and lives there with my wife and my children. However, I felt called to return to Igamba Village and help the orphans in the same way I was lifted up by someone else. Thus the creation of Help the Orphans Foundation. With your help and generosity, I hope to build up this orphanage to accommodate as many children as there are on the streets of Igamba and the surrounding regions. I know firsthand how far a little generosity can go for those in such desperate situations.

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