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Mandala Beach House and Cottages is a small guest house on Alleppey Beach. Which offers you an unforgettable experience in your travel in India. It is an ideal place for a nice,and laid-back atmosphere with a homely feel to it. ........... Situated right at a beautiful and quiet, white-sand beach, it is the right spot to relax and have a good time. Wake up early in the morning to have a nice walk along the beach, watching the fishermen or having a swim while the sun rises(If you are lazy you can continue sleeping ) After a delicious breakfast go to the beach or lay in one of the comfy hammocks to read or plan the day. Alleppey centre is only a five minute rickshaw drive away from Mandala just ask to us to get a rick shaw(24 hours).You can stroll through the town and find nice shops where you can buy typical Indian cloth and dresses sold at good prices. At sunsets guests all sit together to watch the sunset, have dinner together, play games or simply hang out. Mandala will do anything to make your stay most enjoyable. Mandala guests are free to use the kitchen to prepare their own meals. Also Mandala offers delicious continental breakfast and typical South Indian lunch. At night we often do barbecues. You can even find a guitar at Mandalas for anyone that feels like playing it. One of the huts has a lovely terrace and a bath tub from which you can watch the sea.

We work in,Looking for people who can help around the house and land recently bought. New house needs some finishing. Garden needs lots of work. Ocean views, , walk to beach and Very relaxed and not a strict working schedule...I just need some help.

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