Help us Social media,Wordpress,Website building in Misty mountain

Greetings ! We are located at the edge of the small village near Adamspeak. One end is a dense tea mountain with a river. Another end is a small peaceful village. Our team members are Dan (Live in Japan) , Aruna (Kotmale- Agriculture / Website Project), Anoj (Hatton - Website/Teaching project) 1.Website develpment Project I have an Volunteer /Teaching abroad website , which specializes in providing language teaching opportunities in rural and beautiful hillside Sri Lanka /India . Our audience is the Japanese and Europeans, who are looking to support rural education , and learn new teaching experiences abroad. WEB DEVELOPMENT -WordPress website development / -Graphics design -UI/UX development -Travel content creation 2. Agriculture Project - Help to watering the vegitables -Planting seeds - Picking up tea leaves -Transportation support WORKING AND LIFESTYLE WITH US Basically you will have time off from Monday to Friday in the morning, You can start working in the evening, 25 hours a week. . You will be given guidance, so don't worry if you are new , During weekends, I arrange trips to the nearby forests , so you can join You will have a bicycle , so you can explore the nearby yourself We like 80s, 70s music, so we will have good time here BENEFITS Cultural experiance . local life style , misty mountains will be mesmorize you Rather tha hotels or other volunteering projects, you will be given full indepndency think your own and help us. Volunteers can benefit from living in permanent contact with nature, and learn to live a life based on a village, plus swim in these wonderful small private places in the river. You will gain knowledge about how the wood work can be done, we will also cook together , so you can learn how srilankans are cook, Most interestingly you will have your own time for blending with nature while you read or do laptop work where no one interfere you

We are Anura and Anoj who lives close villages, Kotmale and Kotagala respectively , which is located in Central hils in Nuwaraeliya disctrict. Aruna will be handling the agricultural project and Anoj will be the host for Website development project Dan who who lives in Japan will also be guide you to the website building work and other online work. Do not hesitate to write us a message with your contact information. Best wishes for your adventurous life !! IMPORTANT 1. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU WANT TO STAY OR CHECK THE AVAILABILITY OR BACK UP OPTION FOR YOUR TRAVEL 2.YOU NEED TO REPLY WITHIN 48 HOURS ONCE YOU GET THE MASSAGE FROM US (WE GET MANY SCAM MASSAGES ) 3 WE WILL GIVE YOU THE BEST QUALITY EXPERIANCE. SO PLEASE TRY TO STICK TO YOUR APPOINTMENT UNLESS IF YOU HAVE SERIOUS PLAN CHANGES

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