Help with an Accommodation project, cleaning rooms and. DIY

I love to host people and feel like one big family. I take care of my costs and we try to do the best in helping each to improve our life. The project is very hands on from cleaning all the way to assembly of furniture. I used a couchsurfing before and I had the opportunity to stay with many hosts and hosted many people from all over the world. In the past I used to host people on and I have alot of reviews.

I am looking for one or two volunteers. I will be happy to share with them approx 1 or 2 meals per week as well as breakfast and a bicycle. The accomodation options are option 1, a private fully Airconditioned bedroom and a shared toilet in basement. Option 2. A shared bedroom in the basement with a shared bathroom. I love to take my volunteers around and it has been my pleasure to show them Malta. Volunteers are expected to work 20 hours per week from Monday to Sunday and days off are agreed upon before. There is a small bonus per month (approx 60 euros) to help with expenses that I give away. Ideally you are a person that loves challenges and committed to deliver.


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En general todo fue como se acordó previamente, estuve apoyando desde mi área como diseñador grafico y generándole ideas para el lugar. Es extremadamente organizado con el cumplir de las tareas, busca siempre crear un ambiente acorde y está al pendiente, en el momento que estuve habitamos 5 viajeros, nos pudimos comunicar y aprender uno de otros, es genial en ese sentido, el lugar como bien se muestra es retirado de la zona turistica pero hay transporte limitado por el tiempo. Compartimos un BBQ muy genial en la noche fue relajante con todos los chicos. Muy grato!

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The experience was really cool because of the friends I made there. Overall, the tasks are simple and the environment is calm.
But the host often does not respect volunteer hours and for me it was an issue. After we talked the atmosphere got better but it is necessary to impose some limits and have very clear communication, as it can be a big hassle to respect personal space.
The basement where the volunteers sleep also needs a lot of improvements, cockroaches have appeared many times, it’s very noisy and lacks privacy.

about 1 month ago

Franco replied

Thank you Giuilia, We addressed the issue you highlighted, and we will continue to improve.



O voluntariado em Malta foi incrível! O país é muito lindo e permite vivenciar um contato intenso com a natureza. O trabalho é tranquilo para fazer e a carga horária não é muito intensa, o que permite ter tempo para explorar a região! Obrigado Franco pela oportunidade e desejo todo o sucesso em seu empreendimento.

about 2 months ago

Franco replied

Thank you Felipe, I appreciate. Hope to see you again



Pienso que en General fué una gran experiencia gracias que compartí grandes momentos con los otros valuntarios y fue una gran oportunidad para mejorar mi inglés. Las instalaciones pueden mejorar ya que no es incomodo pero tiene algunos muebles que no están en buen estado, cuando hay orden se puede disfrutar el espacio para los voluntarios si no hay muchas personas.

about 2 months ago

Franco replied

Thank you Juan, I appreciate it. Hope to see you again



I worked in Gozo for 2 months and would say that overall, I enjoyed my stay there. As the place was near the center of the island, one has the chance to visit various landmarks and restaurants.

The hours were respected, and on many occassions, we ended up working fewer hours than needed. Tasks are very simple and easy. One issue is that Gozo often had just 2 volunteers, meaning we couldn't easily take days off; ideally, 3 people should be there.

The host, Franco, is very patient and understanding. Was very satisfied with him, even though we only met in person twice.

2 months ago

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