HI Hostel Veli Losinj

Hi Worldpackers, We live on a beautiful island off the coast of Croatia called Losinj. It would be considered a tourist hotspot in the summer season but when that is finished, then true beauty emerges. You are surrounded by the Adriatic sea, you can experience forest trails, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, walks along the sea. Nature at its best. All of it when no one is around. (off-season)

As I have said, we live on a beautiful island called Losinj. We keep guests during the summer season but when that passes, we find new things to do. This year I want to learn how to build and host a website for a niche idea I have. You will have to be a website builder and able to teach me the basics. You will get a private room, shower area and kitchen dining room available at all times. We have internet so you don't need to go searching for wifi :) We can also offer token payment for food so you will never get hungry. Hope you like cats, cos she is the real boss. She came to us as a stray 9 years ago and didn't leave. Why should she, she is getting all the petting and food she wants. I would like about 4-5 hours a day from you, 5 days a week and you get 2 free. I hope that sounds fair. You should like the outdoors as it is very quiet around here these days. Plenty of trails and bays for you to explore. If you are looking for a party place, sorry, you should look elsewhere. This is a place for relaxation and to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to immerse yourself in nature and take advantage of the fact that this is a place where the birds will wake you up (along with the bells) and the waves of the sea at night will set you to sleep.


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