Highrise living with a Buddhist

Come experience life in the big city. I live in a highrise in downtown Dallas where you'll get killer views, access to a workout facility, rooftop pool. You'll be walking distance to public transport (including several free options), markets, pubs, restaurants, parks, and more.

Spirituality is a big part of my life and I want to help guide you through your journey while you help me prepare meals and help with simple tasks around the house.

I am 43 years old, but I don't act my age - I act like a teenage boy most of the time so you're sure to expect lots of laughter. Love, kindness and acceptance are key values in my home. You'll be accepted for who and what you are, and will be encouraged to dig deeper into finding what motivates your soul and gives you purpose. I'm a natural-born teacher and love helping others improve their English language skills. I also frequent both a Buddhist and Hindu temple, so I can introduce you to those cultures if you'd like, and I can teach you basic meditation techniques and share my experience on my spiritual journey. I'm very fortunate to have been given a life filled with many experiences. I've often been called "wise" by many folks - I believe "wisdom" to simply be experience, and I'm happy to share my experience with you. I will warn you - I have some radical ideas, and may gently push you to grow spiritually. I attend both a Buddhist and Hindu temple and you're welcomed to join me at either. We can have lunch with monks, and you can help serve food after one of the services. I also do other volunteer work that you're welcomed to help with, if you'd like.


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Chris was a wonderful host, offering great cooking, expertise on the area, and many ideas on nearby towns to travel. This was my first experience and I was borderline concerned about the new situation, but didn’t have any issues with the stay. Also the view from his place is incredible. Thanks Chris!!

over 1 year ago



I have learned so much with Chris, he is awesome and very smart. He REALLY knows Dallas, and whenever he has free time we were driving in his cool Mini around town.

Definitely stay with Chris if:
- You love traveling.
- You like to meet new people.
- You like Incubus.
- You want to have an AMAZING time in Dallas.

over 2 years ago



Mi experiencia con Chris fue la mejor para mi primer voluntariado , mejore mi inglés y se respetaron todas las tareas del voluntariado

over 2 years ago

Chris replied

I never met Miguel in person and he never stayed with me. We chatted, and he asked me to leave him a positive review, but I didn't feel comfortable doing so because I never met him.

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