Hikers Hostel

A stop-station for backpackers, adventure seekers and random travelers, the hostel is designed to provide the appropriate environment for travelogue exchange and to offer alternative travel routes. The purpose of our attempt to share travelogues in a multi-national ambience is to broaden horizons and enrich both the novice and the experienced traveller. This initiative is designed to gather together contributors to a new vision of alternative travel and as such it will constantly be in progress...

We're a small group of people giving travelers an awesome place to hang out during their stay in Veliko Tarnovo. We're a relaxed bunch and don't have any hard and fast rules except for ensuring that our guests' stays are as nice as possible. This means things such as regular cleaning, preparing breakfast, doing laundry, giving recommendations, etc. We operate on the principles of mutual respect and and healthy interdependence.

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