We are very close to NYC. Just a 10 minute ride and you are at World trade center. There is also a lot of stores/restaurants/supermarket nearby. So if you live here, you will be in the middle of everything and everything you need is 1 minute away.

We have security camera and secure locks at the door so everyone is safe. Your role is to keep the place clean so the place will be clean. We provide cooling and heating so you won't feel uncomfortable.

I could sometimes take you to shopping too when I go. Lastly, there's a lot of places looking for people to do minor work so you could find a parttime job too.

Everyone is treated equally. We will give out a general schedule and update it with minor change daily if needed. I'll contact you via message if things change daily. Your schedule is mostly in the morning and you will do the workly mostly independently. You will live with other volunteers so you won't be left alone or overworked. Most people finish their work in shorter them that we give them so realistically you won't be doing 25 hours of work. We put it there just incase we need more time from people that's all in case of emergency

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If you really want to explore New York that's the right place for you. I had a very interesting experience and I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to spend this month with this host. The job was very simple and I had a lot of time do explore New York. I learned and had a lot of fun and met amazing people

2 months ago



I had a wonderful experience volunteering for the first time. The work was light, involving cleaning, painting, and organizing the garage to assist Grace. She is a very kind person, and it was a pleasure to get to know and spend time with her. Overall, I had a beautiful time there, and I highly recommend this volunteer opportunity.

3 months ago



This is such a good experience if you want to enjoy nyc and jersey city.
Grace was very nice with me, she helped me since the beginning, she’s very flexible, and comprehensive, she cares about you.
My roommates Ali and Daniel were the best.
If you don’t like cleaning maybe this is not the best experience for you, but the work is very easy to do.
The food is not included so you have to keep that in mind if you don’t have a lot of budget.

7 months ago



La casa está muy bien comunicada, es segura y el barrio está muy bien. Las tareas son sencillas, y no ocupan mucho tiempo.
Grace te ayudará con todo, y a la vez tienes total libertad. También tuve mucha suerte con mi compañero de cuarto.
Depende de lo que quieras, este es tu voluntariado.
Por mi parte, muchas gracias a Grace y a Daniel, por hacérmelo tan fácil.

8 months ago



It was an unforgettable experience and I loved it. The house and the room are fine. It is 10 minutes away from the World Trade Center. I learned, had a lot of fun and met amazing people

10 months ago

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