Homestay Prime (English classes)

Come to our English Center, and experience Vietnam in a unique way! Come see the world through our eyes, and we will see the world through yours. Welcome ! We are a new and young organisation who help students learn, practice and enhance their English skills. Come volunteer, discover Vietnam in the coolest way, and leave with unforgettable memories and lifelong friendships. We welcome people from all over the world. Previous English teaching experience is welcomed, but NOT-REQUIRED. As long as you CAN SPEAK ENGLISH, eager to teach and share your experiences then we all welcome you. Volunteers and adult students live in the Homestay, allowing students to interact with English speakers throughout the day by normal, everyday conversations. These students are very eager to learn English, but also eager to learn about you. Sharing your background, interests and experiences helps students learn about other cultures and the world. Unique & Awesome Location We are situated a little outside the busy centre, in the Agricultural University area, where you can find nice quiet parks and nature, cheap shops, restaurants, sport facilities, many friendly students, and few tourists, making your experience more authentic and real !

Adventures and Exchanges In exchange for Casual Group Conversation and Teaching, you will be able to discover Vietnam in a truly unique way. You will get free home cooked meals or will be taken out to local restaurants. We offer a flexible and relaxed schedule, therefore you will have a lot of time to discover Vietnam, and arrange trips if you wish. Students are more than happy to show you around the city and share all the amazing things in the city. You may also get to take trips with the students to different parts of Vietnam, depending on scheduling. From free city tours to motorbike rides around the city, social events, every day simple moments, you will truly experience Vietnam and get to know Vietnamese hospitality in an authentic and exiting way !

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