Homestead, Mixed Farm - To avoid poverty tomorrow, choose sobriety today !

I can share the basis of my lifestyle, my self sustainability methods, show how it's possible to interact and exchange with the neighbours, how to use hand skills and a wide knowledge of materials and tools. Doing a lot with less resources, takes more time but prevent from squeezing the environment every day. All the calories that I'm burning, are the ones that I won't ask the system to burn and waste for me.

My name is David. I was born in Belgium, my mother tongue is French, and I am slowly learning Slovak. In my previous life, I saw ignorance, conformism, submission and unquestioning all around me. My questions that started with "why," often received the same answer: "because it's like that". Wanting to change things and people is severely punished. Despite this, for decades, I tried to find my place in this system that did not suit me at all. A long way followed by the current events (including the creation and acceptation of a new worldwide religion), decided me to leave that old life forever. People are still like they are. I "composted" my relationships, that brought me less and less satisfaction. Always talk about change, but blame it on industrials and politicians... continue to grow and consume in the same way, to do actually nothing. Most of the people do not want anybody to criticise their own lifestyle and habits. However, accepting criticism would be a good starting point. I prefer to base my relationships on quality, instead of quantity, and... to make it clear... at my place, you will certainly never hear any usual or politically correct speech. So, what did I change ? I moved to a 4 hectares piece of land, surrounded by the woods, previously used to produce hay to feed big animals. I have the opportunity to plant fruit trees, to allow animals to live on the same parcel, and to grow a part of my food. In Slovakia, a lot of people still produce a part of their food; trading with the neighbours is one of the best practices ever, to face the future. I prefer to make efforts and to work everyday, instead of asking "the system" to produce everything for me (with so much damaging consequences). I will do my best to share the living space, instead of owning it. My current projects are : - planting dozens of fruit trees (mostly old varieties, mixed with new ones, from all over the world) and individually protect them, from being eaten by the deer and future goats. - pruning the trees. - building a greenhouse. - building a shelter for the chicken and one for the goats, before they arrive. - adding a storage for the firewood. - holding the solar panels with a wooden structure. - building a root cellar, mostly made of local stones, and/or with earth bags. - there should be a half buried house, somewhere, with a greenhouse facing the south, and this is a big project, even if I don't really want the house to be big. Step by step, I'd like to welcome a few animals. A few goats, different breeds of chicken, birds like pigeons, and probably other animals in the future. Bees should come soon. The gardens have to be prepared, to slowly replace (a part of) the grass, which is currently everywhere. NB : I never used and will never use any chemical on my property. I don't need any certification for this. I currently live in a caravan, that I heat with a wood stove, collect rainwater, use solar panels... Living like this means saving electricity, water, wood, and all the other available goods and resources, including gas, fuel, tools, clothes, materials... It offers the opportunity to deeply redefine our real needs. Yes, I would like to build a small house (maybe half buried in the ground), but my priorities are definitely to plant fruit trees and to start gardening first. Waiting for this to happen step by step, I still feed myself in a conventional way. For the helpers, I currently cannot provide a dedicated accommodation. This is another project... The best would be to come here with a camper van. I can provide electricity, fresh water for drinking/showering, and the food. Toilets are outside, all around. Depending on the weather, we can cook in the caravan, outside or in the main tent. We can share the meals, and all of us can let creativity speak. Until now, a few weeks only after moving to the new piece of land, I still don't produce what I need. Only a few mushrooms in the woods, some walnuts and berries are available! We can buy products locally, or from zero-waste and bio shops. We can also go there together, to meet interesting people.

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