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School’s Background Working with pupils in Poipet City, Wathanak Vichea Kunthea School is enhancing the educational standards in the community. Since its founding in 1998, the school has exclusively provided part-time Thai, English, and Chinese tutoring. The school in Poipet city, Banteay Meanchey province, moved to expand the general knowledge of the Khmer language from kindergarten to grade 6 and full-time English classes in the last five years with the help of the parents. The school is now working in a range of higher education from primary to secondary school. With the current steadily rising student population, Wathanak Vichea Kunthea High School wants to raise the English language proficiency requirement and broaden the reach of its educational services to more communes, districts, towns, provinces, and capitals. Both parents and pupils. Additionally, it contributes to the government's efforts to fight poverty and provide the country with human resources. Vision By providing pupils with a good, moral, superior education, Wathanak Vichea Kunthea High School equips them to make the best decisions of their lives. Mission By offering top-notch educational services and fostering domestic and worldwide competitiveness, Wathanak Vichea Kunthea High School will actively work in human resource development and actively participate in governmental efforts to improve society. Goal Wathanak Vichea Kunthea High School hopes to increase the standard of English language competence and extend the reach of its educational services to additional communes, districts, towns, provinces, and the capital with the help of parents and students. It helps to provide the government with the human resources needed to combat poverty and advance the interests of the entire nation. Core Value Morality, quality, and Excellence. We need volunteers to improve our student's communication ability and English abilities. The volunteer will get more experience from our school, the volunteer will learn a lot from our students, teachers, and our school's team. The volunteer gets chances to learn about cultures, and foods and see many beautiful places here.

Staff and managers eagerly see them. we treated our volunteer as teamwork, friends and family. we will always be kind and sharing to our volunteer.

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