Hope Worth Children Foundation

A volunteer should choose this orphanage for the simple fact that it would be a wonderful experience and great deed to the community. You will get to meet some amazing kids from Kasese while making a change to their lives and futures. I am searching for different types of volunteers to help with various tasks at the orphanage. All year round, I would be grateful to have someone that would be able to teach the children(English/language practice, educational games,etc). I would love to get help from photographers/videographers who would be able to capture candid moments of the kids, orphanage,etc. The quality exposure would greatly help our organization in need. I am also looking for someone that is good with web design/social media managing. I would love to get tips or even help updating my website,etc. If you are someone that is good with gardening, you can always help teach the kids or help out around the orphanage. All types of builders are also welcomed to help out.

I, Masika from Kasese, Uganda, am a 25 years old nurse. In my freetime I'm running an orphanage. 7 years ago, during the war in Congo, I started with 2 children, now I take care of 25 children! Although I am a very busy woman, I am still available during my days off. I am very knowledgeable about Kasese and it's surroundings so I will be able to advise you of things to do on your free time. I currently have one lady working for me full time. She cooks & cleans for the children at the orphanage. Volunteers will be treated with the utmost respect from everyone around. They will be advised about their tasks at hand and we will be working together as a team.

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