Hopping Frog , Hostel & Cafe

Who comes to Hopping Frog? HOPPING FROG welcomes people of all ages, background and interests. Hopping Frog will appeal to travelers who seek tranquil environment. This hostel is a sanctuary for people who want to experience all aspects of Goa. Hopping Frog is also a place for travelers who are looking for a secure and clean environment to live during their travels. The hostel has all the facilities that a demanding traveler would look for with top grade service and very friendly staff.

The name, HOPPING FROG, holds a great deal of meaning to us . Frogs start their lives as tiny tadpoles limited to the body of water they are born in. As they grow up and gain limbs, they leave home and merrily hop to new destinations and varying habitats as they express their newfound freedom. They meet new individuals and congregate near ponds making beautiful music together, living their humble nomadic lives. We see this as a metaphorical representation of the lives led by backpackers and tourists. HOPPING FROG by GREEN SPACE is a concept so unique yet so fundamental to us. We at GREEN SPACE group aim to give the best hostel experience enwrapped in nature. More than just a hostel our accommodation gives our residents the opportunity to have fun, discover exciting and new places. We at HOPPING FROG invite people from all over the world which makes us into an oasis of creative, interesting and diverse minds.

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