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Taiwan is an amazing country with traditional delicacies and in Kinmen, you will even find out much more Chinese living style! Kinmen is the front line of the WWII and the Cold War and the Kinmen island was opened to outsiders only 20 years ago. Both our Guningtou village and the island is a battlefield. Been through the wars, the houses in the village were covered with bullet hoes, and so did our house.

The traditional living style and military castles and tunnels were preserved due to the limitation of the construction and are opened to tourists today. There are event operas and concerts held in the water tunnels!

To supply themselves and survive, Kinmen people produce knives made of canons and make food, desserts and wine from the local plants like peanuts and sorghum. You can have a taste and if you are fond of trying new cuisine. You can try peanut candies, sorghum wine milk tea and so on!

As a packer, you can stay for free in a traditional southern-Chinese style village and house.
If you are a social person, you get the chance to interact with locals and different people, literally!
If you are a travel enthusiast, maybe you will be interested in learning how to run a guest house! :P
If you are learning Mandarin, you may improve your fluency-- maybe! Let's see how far we can go!

Also, we can give you a lot of advice about Kinmen, about Taiwan, about any specific places in Taiwan, about travel, about learning, about cultures... and about so many things!

Come stay with us to begin your journey from Kinmen!

We are located in Kinmen of Taiwan. We have 2 cozy guest house, each with 4 units. Yuchun is the guest house owner who loves meeting new people. The houses are in traditional southern-Chinese style and we are looking for packers to help in the house!! You can share your story with us. We are really looking forward to your visit!


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Kinmen was the best place to take a rest
And the owner helped me meet many people so I could make many friends from all round Taiwan

almost 5 years ago

Yuchun replied

Thank you HyeonJae!! I'm so happy you enjoyed your time here!!

Perfect for you if you're looking for

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